Build medieval cottages with furniture, window shutters and roofs, thresh your wheat, repair your tools.

Building Creative Machines / Electronics Plants and Farming


How do I install this?

Adds several blocks for building medieval houses: Bed, table, bench, open storage shelf, tub, barrel, wheel, washing place, glass pane, small fence, fence gate, half doors, hatches, wheel etc. Window shuttes close automaticly at night and open in the morning. Build houses using loam.

Diffrent roof types like straw, thatch, wood, black (shingles), clay (shingles) and slate are included.

Dirt roads allow access to your fields. Harvest your wheat and use the threshing floor to get more seeds. The handmill turns seeds into flour.

Repair your tools and armor unsing the anvil.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Anvil Bug

    It's nice.

    But the anvil has a bug. It always crashes the server after completing a repair. It's not gamebraking and the repair is completed.

    Here's the error report. Would be great if you fix it.

    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'cottages' in callback environment_Step(): /home/rtz/.minetest/mods/cottages/nodes_anvil.lua:233: bad argument #1 to 'hud_remove' (number expected, got nil) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'hud_remove' /home/rtz/.minetest/mods/cottages/nodes_anvil.lua:233: in function 'func' /usr/share/minetest/builtin/common/after.lua:20: in function </usr/share/minetest/builtin/common/after.lua:5> /usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:431: in function </usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:417>

  • Good mod

    good mod, but the game crashes when i use the anvil

  • Nice

    Cottages is a nice mod. It's more realistic and all stuffs are good.

    I recommend !

  • One of Sokomine's greatest works

    A medieval-themed mod with a nice selection of stuff to build with. This has been used in countless servers by now and can be used to produce beautiful buildings.

    There are a few complaints: For people that are used to working with the circular saw or mymillwork, the lack of interior corners on Sokomine's roof nodes can come as a dissapointment. Additionally, the anvil has several bugs (including a crash you can get quite often), and you can get the HUD element stuck on your HUD permanently (until you relog) if you try hard enough.

  • Fun and cool looking crafting stations.

    However, the problem is most if not all crash when I try to use them, please fix it Sokomine!


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