HCBP 18_01 Parasite - beta

Adds an Injector, Containing a sample of the HCBP 18_01 Parasite (Highly Contageous Blood Parasite). use on your enemys. and or your friends, if youre a backstabber!

Gore Mobs / Animals / NPCs Multiplayer-focused Player Effects / Power Ups Puzzle Player customization / Skins Strategy / RTS

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this is a beta, expect a lot more work to be applied to this, including: better animations, sounds ect. oh, and MORE PARISITES! and spacific syringes to go with them! (expect a better long-description to!)

---i think i fixed all of the bugs, so if you find any please tell me, thanks

---basic entity based horrors! i will ask tenplus1 if i can make the parisites be able to infect the mobs from his mob mods very soon!



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