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Adds many new industrious-themed blocks and tools. Concrete, asphalt, new tools, and metal variatiosn to ladders, doors, bars and more. This mod's initial release was made in only 10 hours!

Metal Variations

  • Copper, Tin, Bronze and Gold variations of many nodes.
  • Doors and trapdoors
  • Ladders
  • Bars
  • Signs


  • Powder can be crafted from sand and garvel
  • Concrete can be made from powder and water
  • Cheap, and hard to break
  • Many concrete nodes, like bricks, block walls and slabs

Mining Updates

  • Gold, Iron and Coal can be found in desert stone
  • Raw ore blocks for all ore types
  • Desert and Mineral-rich gravel
  • Diamond in Coal Block

Misc Nodes

  • Asphalt
  • Encased Mese Light
  • Ice block and bricks
  • Log Walls
  • many more

This mod also makes obsidian blast-proof, and desert sand craftable if sand is mixed with clay.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A very nice mod that feels surprisingly vanilla+

    As someone who watched the video on the 10 hour version of this mod, this mod was as fun to play with as it was to watch the making of. The thing I like the most about Industrious is that all the things in this mod feel like they could fit into vanilla Minetest while still mostly committing to the industrial theme of the mod. It's crazy that this mod was made without any fancy mods like technic or basic_materials, it just uses default Minetest stuff.

  • Nice idea

    Cool idea. I would if wished for more blocks and some machines but all in all pretty good!