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In this game, the rules are simple... ESCAPE JAIL! You're a good guy standing up for what is right, but the government turns evil, and soon you're in jail. You must break out, using several artifacts that are scattered across the giant maze, whether it's a old apple core from a trash can, a energy restoring CrocAid from the vending machine (drink only if you're out of energy!) or a wall-busting dynamite from a vault. There are several guards scattered across the map, watch out! If you die, GAME OVER! To win the game, escape by simply jumping out of the whole building into the fresh air of freedom!

NOTE: There is a issue right now, where sometimes when you try to start a new game, it just glitches and you win, so to fix this, and so you don't have to wait forever to start a new game, just wait a few seconds to start a new game, and you shouldn't run into this problem. **NOTE2: Only play in singleplayer for now **

-Known Bug: A lot of times, the player just "wins" when trying to start a new game -Known Bug: Sometimes dynamite blows up the ground.. -Todo: Add a timer with highscore and such

This is a fork of Labyrinth, thanks to ExeVirus for the original game and his help with this game!



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  • It's essentialy just a maze game

    When I saw the title, I thought this is some sort of puzzle-strategy game where you look for stuff to help you escape from jail, but looks like I was wrong. The map is just a maze made out of bricks with vending machines scattered across the map. You can run faster than the guards so they seem kind of pointless. All you need to do to escape jail in this game is walk in a maze for a few minutes and then jump out into the void once you find an "exit".

  • Engaging maze- runner/ beat 'em up

    The presence of mobs of varying toughness leads you to scrounge for any tool at your disposal; I liked the rich assortment of items in the minigame, especially the small and big key items, which counter different enemy types! The dynamite throwing reminds me of the fun inmates in Fallout: New Vegas, too. Be careful not to get cornered in the tight corridors, some guards are real speedy!! Luckily, none of them seem to be carrying firearms.

    This minigame is somewhat complex in its mob mechanics, and the ending is reachable, which is nice ofc; although, its WIP label is appropriate for most other game elements. I also encountered the same problems others have mentioned, with health bar not appearing and few consumables boxes spawning on first playthrough.

    Post- Jam development should focus on:

    • implementing a proper ending (e.g. all the right corridors should eventually lead to a physical "finish zone", maybe add a boss fight :P);

    • polishing player experience (e.g. maybe implement a highscore system, maybe add a critical hits system where stunning enemies allows you to handcuff them);

    • adding some recurring POIs (e.g proper cells to free prisoners from with big and small keys, some world- building elements);

    • fixing bugs with mobs (e.g. friendly inmates getting too close and personal while also blocking movement).

    It's an action- packed minigame, with cool mechanics on top.

  • Mixture of random elements

    The game consists in running around a huge maze, hoping to find a couple items to make your life easier (especially dynamite) and potentially fighting a few guards who caught you. I was expecting something more stealth (like, with guards closing on you when caught, GTA-like), prisoners to interact with, and with a different soundtrack - which in my opinion doesn't fit that well.
    Also, to finish the game, you just have to jump into the void. When I first saw that, I thought I just broke the game, but apparently that's what it was supposed to happen. It looks to me that this was more a challenge for the author themselves to create a procedural map than a well thought game experience

  • Maze Game With Enemies and Mining

    If you try to play this game multiplayer, beware that 2 mazes may generate on top of each other, reducing hallways, making mining required. Also, the server crashes any time a player dies. I didn’t realize the goal was to reach the edge of the jail at first, so I was expecting a more obvious exit.

    I would recommend this game if you like mazes and can deal with the crashes. I would not recommend playing multiplayer though because there’s too much mining and any player death crashes the whole server.

  • Looks spartan, but you won't see everything on your first playthrough

    Finally something that feels like its own game with SFX, MSX and custom texturing & HUD. It gets a little repetitive with the same grey brick walls and music, but it's worth exploring several times. The bugs that it does suffer are bearable and there are no huge UX blunders either. I see a great future for it if the author improves it.

    The music and a slick looking UI will get you going and ready to play. When you land into the world, you may find it pretty monotonous pretty quick. However, since some of the other reviews I read revealed things I hadn't seen, and I myself discovered more on successive playthroughs/attempts, there's variety out there, it's just a bit sparse at first. I don't know what to say about the inconsistency of props and guards that I found throughout the jail, whether it's good or bad. Finishing your game can be a little anticlimactic and I didn't realise the air in front of me was indeed my escape.

    There are two stats to manage: Health and sprint. There is a variety of food, beverages, enemies and weapons to be found. Play it multiple times to discover more. Be aware some enemies are plain-clothed.

    The bugs have to be acknowledged: Health sometimes won't show, there are randomly dark areas, dynamite blowing up the light, you can cheese it by digging the walls (why are they diggable??), guards that deliberately try to avoid eye contact and pretend they don't see you or who like to stare at the wall for long periods.

    The inability to save a game in progress is a little frustrating. The main menu should only show if no level is in progress.

    Conclusion: Play it blind for the joy of discovery, bear with the monotony and bugs for a little bit. If not, be hopeful that the author will improve the game later enough for you to enjoy it.

    Comments: Ideas for improvement

  • Neat maze game, but still in the rough

    Gameplay consists of mostly using sprint to get away from the guards (they have decent pathfinding, so you can't just turn a corner and wait), and trying to collect items while you run. This can get rather boring and grind-ish, unless you understand how the game works.

    Each map is different- every time you restart the game, you find yourself in a new map. Sometimes, you're unlucky and a guard is right next to you where you spawn ... that's annoying and probably a bug. Sometimes, you end up in a maze where you will meet 3 or 4 guards before you ever see an item chest, which will basically lead you to sprinting wildly and hoping for some breakthrough, which usually never comes. Sometimes, you find yourself in a maze where you gather 10+/20+ items before seeing a single guard, which makes the game too easy!

    Stealth is not incorporated into this game, sadly. You can't try to sneak around the guards or anything, because they are programmed to 'see' players within a radius, so they can just see through walls. If the guards acted more human - i.e., they only remember where they saw you go, and they don't know where you are currently, it would add a dynamic of stealth to the game and make the game much more interesting. (example: turning three corners very quickly in an attempt to 'shake' off the guards)

    In some maps, the best strategy is just to make a wild run for the exit without taking any items at all. In others, you're not going to find the exit quickly, and you need to find items and play it safe.

    More in the comments ->

  • Its a aMAZEing game with Jail theme

    Actually this hooks me up more than any other minetest maze games. The concept is good and unique better than the labryinth the original game. But i expected a lot more and this happened.

  • Simple maze

    The title give me expectations of jail scenarios, some strategy, adventure, and I found a simple maze. The game need more elaborate levels. With bars.

  • Good game

    It's a good maze, but there's not enough features. You should add some more items, and more blocks than a soda distributor or a ventilation conduit. Else, good game!

  • Dull glorified maze game

    It's a maze game (specifically Labyrinth) but with random hostile guards and items scattered about. You also run faster than the guards so most of the threat is avoidable if you play carefully. It just feels like walking aimlessly and also avoiding the occasional guard. There's no additional polish over the maze part of Labyrinth, you still just drop into the void and it doesn't feel immersive in the slightest. Not something I would call fun.

  • Very fun, and addicting!

    I'm the brother of the person who made this game, I'm not rating this unfairly because he's my brother, I'm rating this because it's a lot of fun! In this game you're trying to escape the maze like jail while avoiding guards and other bad guys that will (kill) capture you. You can also collect weapons such as Jail Shanks (sharpened toothbrushes) Crowbars, and more. You can also find food (such as Apple Cores, Node Cola and even the guards sometimes drop Jelly Donuts, lol) that heal you. I like all the different aspects in this game and I know for sure there will be more added. Just with the deadline for the Game Jam there were somethings rushed and many things that haven't been added yet (and I bet that's how it was for lots of other games summited to the Jam). All in all this is a really fun game and I totally recommend it!

  • Labyrinth with hostile mobs and loot

    A more challenging version of Labyrinth which becomes more survival. Death and respawn are a little bugged because inventory isn't immediately cleared after respawning, and after death I fall into the void and get a "you won" message which is weird. Also the map generation is a little slow.

  • assess

    really cool

  • Looks like backrooms

    The game is like the creepypasta the backroms.But could you make a game called the minetest backrooms which has nearly ecvverything like the backrooms

  • Just a maze

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    I got bored. :-( Not much to do. You just run aroud in a random maze and rarely you run across items and guards. Most of the time, you wander around aimlessly. Am I supposed to have fun that way? o_O Apparently you can break walls, but they just lead you to other parts of the maze. Apart from that, there's nothing else to do. This is barely even a playable game, it feels almost like a sandbox. I don't know how to escape, but I’m not intersted enough in this game to care.

  • A good game

    With a better environment (lamps, doors? better looking guards?), it would be a pretty good game.



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