Teleport Potion

Adds craftable teleport potions (throwable) and teleport pads.


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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Adds craftable teleport potions (throwable) and teleport pads.

USE on block to enchant location then PLACE to set, also right-clicking teleport pads lets you name it's destination or manually enter coordinates if you have 'teleport' privelage.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Straightforward and attempts to be balanced

    This mod offers the option of a single-use teleport potion or an infinite-use pad. 4 diamonds (+some other materials) are used to craft teleport potions and 4 of those + some other materials makes the pad. Honestly haven't used single teleport potions before; you could contrive such a scenario though: perhaps you're making a minigame and want to require a diamond target to reach before entering another area? The destination coordinates can be set freely. The cost of 2 teleport pads for two-way travel isn't cheap enough to be available in the early game but you will eventually unlock pretty much free travel.

    Recommended for teleport hubs on servers at spawn locations to create a hub-and-spoke teleport network. Also recommended if you want to play survival and unlock teleportation eventually, while also keeping a cost to convenience of keeping multiple pads in your network at once.

    Not recommended if using multiple dimensions/planets as that might make it too easy to bypass the proper methods for travelling to other locations. If you think teleportation should always have a cost, you could also remove the pads and have only teleport potions in the mod.

  • Interesting

    It's not quite the same as other travel mods, but I really like this one. It's simple to use once you are able to craft the necessary items.

    NathanS did a video review for Teleport Potion, which might make using it easier for those who don't know how.

  • Magical way to teleport

    if you prefer magic to sci fi, then use this mod for teleporting..


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