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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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This mod lets you ferment different food items into tasty beverages depending on your mods enabled. Farming Redo gives you grapes into wine and more, Mobs Animals gives you honey into mead, and we have MineClone2 support for wheat into beer etc.

Glasses of drinks can be crafted into a bottle by placing 9x into the crafting grid. Glasses and Bottles can both be placed for decoration also. Craft a barrel by adding a top and bottom row of wood and 2 steel ingots either side of middle row.

Hover over barrel to give progress information or while inside barrel hover over tiny barrel icon to see what's brewing :)

Many other food items can be used to ferment different alcoholic beverages, and when used with my Stamina mod the player will have drunk effects if you have too much :)

Drink Recipes:



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  • tipsy

    I like this mod cause it adds so many drinks and bottles that can be used for food and decoration, and if you use tens stamina mod you can really get drunk.

  • Good, but needs pipeworks unless you want to loose your mind

    In general this is a fun and entertaining mod that adds ways to process food and create tasty drinks. The barrels are very decorative.

    It took quite a lot of fun out of wine production when the barrels started requiring water. Doing that per hand is...not fun. You need pipeworks for the water supply and a lot of standing next to the barrels in order to get more than a drink now and then. In that, it's more a technic-like mod than a farming one.

    The drinks are shared and enjoyed by many players on at least one server.

  • Love the concept but still has too many issues

    Great concept but too many recipies return "No Valid Recipies" I get this error with champagne, cointreau, kefir and mint julep. I do have farming redo installed but recipes aren't working.

    Tried the report issue button above but it just returns a 404 page


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