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This simple mod adds something long missing from the base Minetest game; water improvement. This mod adds splash particles and sounds when jumping into the water, and underwater ambience when submerged. If you liked this, please consider leaving a review, it helps alot!



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  • A couple of issues.

    The main problem is that splash_timer, underwater_timer, footstep_timer, first_entry, and entered_water are not per-player. This means that only one person will ever hear underwater sounds if multiple players are underwater (whoever is first in the minetest.get_connected_players() list), and several other similar issues.

    The second "problem" (if you can call it that) is that... it really isn't "physics." I would expect a mod with this name to actually affect how water flows or interacts with things, not just adding some particles and sounds.

    The third (very minor) problem is that it only applies to players, not other objects. For performance reasons, this makes sense, I guess, but still.

  • Much needed feature

    This really should be added into the base game.