Transmute items into other items, create powerful tools and armor, and more! Based on ProjectE/Equivalent Exchange.

Magic / Enchanting Machines / Electronics

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For Minetest 5.7 and above

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Allows players to turn items into EMC, or Energy Matter Covalence, and EMC into items. Supports all items in Minetest Game, Technic, More Ores, and MineClone2/Mineclonia, as well as anything that can be made from them! Also adds a whole bunch of other stuff.

If you would like to see the latest changes, check out (pun) the dev branch! Beware of bugs.

ExchangeClone is tested with the latest release of Minetest, Minetest Game, MineClone2, and Mineclonia.

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Dependencies: Minetest Game or MineClone.

Known issues:

  • The sword/katar AOE ability does not take upgrades (looting, fire aspect, etc.) into account. This will probably not be fixed (MCL)
  • Klein Stars and Upgrades can be used as fuel. This isn't really a problem, but it will probably be removed once I decide the new hopper API is old enough that most people are using it.
  • Dark/Red Matter Shears will sometimes (randomly) be treated as normal shears when used by dispensers. This will not be fixed.
  • In Mineclonia, when inserting items into Dark/Red Matter Furnaces with hoppers, they will not start at the correct speed, instead being limited to a maximum of 1 item/second. This will not be fixed unless Mineclonia changes how things work.
  • In Mineclonia, hoppers can put invalid items into Energy Collectors. This will not be fixed.
  • Tools do not show the wear bar (to show the charge level) when first created or crafted. It only appears after changing the range. This will not be fixed.
  • Unfortunately, caused by the performance improvements to various tool abilities, using the shear ability on sea grass (MCL) will also remove the sand below the sea grass. I can't think of a good way to fix it.
  • Dark and Red Matter Armor can make the player invincible. This is an engine problem that I can't fix.
  • Mobs Redo (and mods that use it) don't care that DM/RM tools are supposed to be unbreakable and add wear to them anyway.
  • Covalence Dust and the Talisman of Repair cannot repair certain tools. This will not be fixed.
  • The recipe for Energy Collectors doesn't include glowstone even though they are very glowstone-y. This will probably not be fixed because glowstone doesn't exist in MTG.

If you have a suggestion or notice a bug that isn't on this list, visit the GitHub issues page.


  • Code: GPLv3+
    • Originally started as a fork of Enchant97's mod Element Exchange (also GPLv3+).
    • Based on the Minecraft mod Equivalent Exchange 2 and the modern version, ProjectE (both MIT, though the source for EE2 is unavailable)
  • Textures:
    • Constructor and Deconstructor: Unmodified from Element Exchange (GPLv3+)
    • Armor (not the inventory image): Modified versions of diamond armor from 3D Armor in MTG and mcl_armor in MCL (both CC-BY-SA-3.0)
    • Upgraders and Upgrades: Created by me (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
    • Energy Collectors:
      • Base: Glowstone block from MineClone2 (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
      • Overlay: Created by me (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
    • Alchemical Chests (and Advanced Alchemical Chests): Modified version of EE2/ProjectE's textures, extended to 16x16 instead of 14x14 (MIT)
    • All other textures and sounds: Directly from EE2/ProjectE (MIT)

You can find the old textures and sounds by going back to previous commits in GitHub.



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