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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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A voxel game where you place portals between rooms.

Build portals by placing blocks in the slots on the portal frame. A portal will connect to another portal with the same sides, top, and bottom. Valid portals have 4 matching nodes on the bottom slots, 8 matching nodes on each side, and 4 matching nodes on the top slots.

I didn't have time to make infinite content, so I made 9 "story" rooms. See if you can connect all 9:

  • Spawn
  • Room 1 (the one after spawn)
  • Room 2 (it comes after room 1)
  • Tree
  • Forest
  • Bridge
  • Storage room (shelves)
  • Library
  • Mine



Do you recommend this game?

  • It would work great as a mod, but not as a stand-alone game

    The portal idea unveiling new areas is absolutely great: I can already imagine an RPG requiring you some specific items to unlock certain locations, and I'd really like to push the author to continue it along this modding path. Unfortunately, this is a game and I think that, as such, it turns repetitive after a while. Lack of instructions didn't help either, I had to check out on CDB what to do

  • Overall: Good

    Nice work!

    I had no clue what to do at first, but I slowly figured it out with a little effort :P

    I'd love for there to be sound, and maybe a tutorial/hints too. I'm not sure what you could do with more levels, might need to add another game mechanic

    0: Bad
    1: Meh
    2: Ok
    3: Good
    4: Amazing
    Fun       : 3
    Innovation: 4
    Graphics  : 3
    Audio     : N/R
    Humor     : N/R
    Mood      : 2
  • Hard to start but intriguing

    It took me a while to understand what was happening but I came to grips with it eventually. It's technically impressive and I enjoyed exploring it. It doens't look like its ready for you to create your own adventure, but the one included is enjoyable for sure. It seems it might also be possible to softlock yourself out of going back to certain rooms due to the 2-portal-max limit; I think I did this with some of them.

    Lack of sound was a bit dissapointing, could have easily re-used Minetest Game sounds and yes some quiet peaceful music or ambience might have helped. SFX for entering newly discovered rooms would push it into a real exploration experience.

    The portal barrier states need a bit of a further explanation and even though I think I finished the game by making it to the mine, I'm only guessing. Red = invalid configuration; blue = more than 2 portals in this configuration; pink = sides completed so far are valid, but the portal is incomplete.

    I'd love to see an easy way for you to build your own puzzle worlds in it as well. Using the portals at the top and bottom might also be an interesting addition.

    It's worth playing for the experience of figuring it out and progressing through the game, but I hope the author continues to improve it because it was a bit hard to start and there's no included documentation in-game or in the game files.

  • Interesting and a bit cryptic

    I like the over all feel of the game. At first it is pretty difficult to find out what I need to to, specifically how those portals work. But after trying stuff out you get a rough idea of how this game is played. What I believe would add up to the feeling of the game would be some nice and calm (mystic?) music playing in the background.
    - Music/Sound effects
    - Maybe some starter help for those completely struggling with this new game concept?
    - More rooms! ;)

  • A Quite Hard Clueless game

    Actually this game is a serious puzzle game. Don't get fooled by the name portal. Its like a door of somekind that will open when you put the right key to go to the another room. Blue Portal: The Side next level is. Also the weird block in the portal is known as slot which i thought was a block and its unbreakable but you can place grass blocks on it. After you put the alignment in the blue place it will open the door (portal) to next level. Also i think so each level is unique and offcourse mind using. I only played 1 level and then just gave up the game. How i figured it out: I just first try to jump into a portal but nothing happen. Then i just tried to dig in the portal but the dirt block broke and it was replaced by something else. But it is unbreakable. Then i worked hard. Make a huge hole in the ground thinking there would be something. Remade the world and then made flat land then tried to make a portal shaped grass. Then i by mistakely right clicked rather than left click to figure out it is placable slot. Then i just did some random placing.

  • Has the gimmick, missing the catch

    This was fun in the few chambers that were there, and I would recommend for concept alone. And cute textures.

    You have an amazing gimmick - the part that makes a puzzle game stand out - but you don't do anything with it. There's no awnser to the question: How does this affect me/gameplay? Do some portals have unbreakable/pick only blocks in them? Do I need to get from point A to B in a set time limit? Do I need to make a straight line for a laser? Those are just some ideas I had.

    I also think the rooms need more variety. As they are now, they're pretty cramped and having four more giant portals adds to that. If you go deeper down the puzzle route, you might make portals more of a resource - especially if you place unbreakable blocks in them. I'd like to see this if it gets expanded.

  • Exploration puzzle

    i really like discovering the new spaces, and the display of adjacents rooms gives an illusion of non-euclidean space even though i can notice the teleportation when traversing portals. For some reason I couldn't display bookshelves so I had holes in the walls.

  • Confusing Interesting Game About Portals

    This is an interesting concept, but I couldn’t figure out what to do, and I somehow got trapped in the library (I think it had to do with playing multiplayer, maybe my brother locked me in.).

  • It was hard to understand what was going on, and no music or sounds

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep4): Note: rating system was changed a bit from ep1 Note2: I changed my rfating a bit from the stream


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Modular Portals
    Gameplay - 4/10
    Graphics - 3/5
    Player-Friendly - 2/5
    Performance - 4/5
    Sounds & Music - 1/5

    OVERALL: 14/30 (Good)


    This game was pretty hard to understand. I'm not a huge puzzle player, so bear with me. I think a, in game tutorial would be awesome, including explaining the goal and such. The game also lacked music and sounds too. Please add music, I think it would make the game a lot better. Thanks for participating!


  • Pretty good game

    I liked the puzzles and the unique concept of the game, it reminded me of 20w14infinite.



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