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How do I install this?

Lets you scale the player with a command or through Lua.

Example: /resizeme 0.5 sets your scale to 0.5

This mod also exposes an API, and should be used something like this:

local ResizeMe = dofile(minetest.get_mod_path("resizeme").."/api.lua")

-- scale singleplayer to 3x
ResizeMe.resize("singleplayer", 3)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It works!

    As far as I can tell, everything about the player that can be resized is resized as expected, and it doesn't seem to cause any of the issues I have seen in similar mods.

    Some things that are not resized: - the hand/tool reach/range distance (not sure if possible to change at runtime) - the camera distance in third view (hardcoded engine limitation) - initial drop in liquids is always half a node (engine bug

    Some things start behaving weirdly at extreme sizes (as expected) - when very big (more than 10x or 20x) the step height doesn't seem to work properly, and the player easily gets stuck - when very tiny, the camera clips through the ground and walls

  • Great Mod!

    awesome mod! It works great! It would be cool if you got hurt from falling from say, a two block hight if you are small instead of falling like a feather though. Other then that, this mod is the best resize mod I've found!