If there's anything that the Minetest modding community seems to love, it's explosives. More explosions, more destruction, better efficiency and better performance.

This mod is the culmination of all explosive mods. It adds a nuclear device to the game that's powerful enough to destroy the entire world, and kill all players instantly. Intense radiation renders the world completely and permanently uninhabitable. Terrain destruction is done extremely efficiently via the Anthropic Principle.

To construct the doomsday device:

In MTG: Surround a torch on all 6 faces with blocks of mese. Surround those on all faces with blocks of diamond.

In NodeCore: Surround a lit torch on all 6 faces with lux cobble. Surround those on all faces with blocks of solid lode.

The device explodes the instant that its construction is completed. The explosion is quite spectacular, and unlike anything you have ever seen. Unfortunately, it instantly kills you, so thoroughly that you can't even witness the explosion. You will just have to take my word for it.

N.B. it doesn't matter what order you place the nodes, but they need to be placed manually by a player.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Is this the pinnacle of explosion mods?

    I just tried this mod a few minutes ago on a test world, and it truly shook me to the core. Not because of the explosion or anything, as there was no time to even see it. The power of the Device wiped me off the face of the world within a mere few microseconds. No, what terrified me is that I don’t see how any explosion mod can be made to surpass the raw world-ending power of this one.

    At this point, it seems that the community should immediately discontinue work on Minetest and all related projects, as we have already reached the end goal. With no bigger explosion mod to be made, all further development is in vain.