Creative for NodeCore

"Creative mode" for NodeCore: adds a rc_reative priv, /rs chat command, and "replica" nodes.

Deprecated Creative Environment / Weather Inventory World Maintenance and Tools

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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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The purpose of this mod was originally to help maintain the "screenshot world" used to make the official screenshots for NodeCore (and texture packs). However, it has been superseded by a combination of:

  • The /stasis feature build into NodeCore that allows freezing most things in time, allowing complex scenes to be staged without them evolving on their own.
  • The use of szutil_givemenu from the SzUtilPack modpack, which provides a much nicer searchable alternative to /giveme or /rs.
  • A handful of worldmods in the screenshot world itself, such as deterministic smoke generators and player mannequins, which fulfill some of the non-node scene setup needs.

It's recommended that players consider using those features as well, instead of this package.

Adds "creative mode"-like functionality to NodeCore, mainly for screen-shots, mock-ups and the like. Could also theoretically be used for administrative purposes (e.g. maintaining a spawn area). N.B. It would probably be considered "cheating" to use of this mod in normal survival gameplay for uses other than these.

  • Adds "replica" versions of most nodes that look like the originals, but are non-functioning.
  • Adds an nc_reative priv necessary to access replica nodes (create or dig them).
  • Adds /rs replica search command to create replicas by name.

Replica nodes...

  • ...are always pointable, solid, and diggable by hand, but cannot be dug without the nc_reative priv.
  • ...include liquids that will flow.
  • ...are destroyed if you drop them.
  • ...will never completely deplete a stack; the last one can be placed over and over. Drop to free up the slot.
  • ...can emit light, and can be hand-rotated (i.e. optics).

There is also a smoke generator for mocking up cooking recipe setups.



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