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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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A collection of miscellaneous mods for Minetest providing "utility" functionality: management features, bug workarounds, and libraries for other mods. Each mod includes an individual README file with details on its use.

Each mod in the pack is effectively independent, with minimal or no dependencies (including on any assumed underlying game) and they can be enabled/disabled individually. Mods are distributed as a single pack because they have a single shared maintenance/release cycle.

The following mods have no special dependencies:

  • szutil_admin: Alternative to the "admin" command that lists moderation team members
  • szutil_authcache: Fix engine performance problems with player priv check
  • szutil_basics: Adds small/miscellaneous administrative features
  • szutil_chatsounds: Configurable beep notifications for in-game chat
  • szutil_cinecam: Configure a player as a camera for unattended livestreaming
  • szutil_clocksync: Synchronize in-game clock smoothly with real-time clock so users can log in at predictable times of day
  • szutil_controlhud: Togglable on-screen input control HUD, useful for demo recording
  • szutil_fixhack: Fix lighting and fluid bugs automatically and continuously in background
  • szutil_givemenu: Menu-driven searchable version of the /give command
  • szutil_idlekick: Automatically kick idle players after a timeout
  • szutil_lag: Simple command to set server lag level
  • szutil_lagometer: Optional on-screen server performance meter HUD
  • szutil_logtrace: Allow privileged players to monitor server log trace in chat
  • szutil_maplimitfx: Display particle visual at hard map boundaries
  • szutil_motd: Display a formspec MOTD to players on login, only if updated since the last view
  • szutil_motdagree: Players must accept the MOTD via chat command to get privs
  • szutil_namehud: Simple togglable HUD showing the names of all online players
  • szutil_nowonline: Periodically announce cumulative list of online players, for chat bridges
  • szutil_offlinepos: Access player positions when offline, support teleports and waypoint HUDs
  • szutil_pruneplayers: Automatically clean out old unused players
  • szutil_restart: Externally-triggerable server restarts with countdown/warnings
  • szutil_roles: Manage privs via special privs that represent groups of other privs
  • szutil_runas: Run a command as another user with password auth
  • szutil_stealth: Make a player as close to completely invisible to players as possible, for moderation or spectation use
  • szutil_suadmin: Change admin access to be based on a /su (password) command, instead of by player name
  • szutil_telecode: Teleportation by opaque codes that can be shared, saved, and published
  • szutil_teleportfix: Work around teleport failures for high-latency players
  • szutil_usagesurvey: Collect usage statistics per-mapblock on how each is being used
  • szutil_watch: Allow privileged/invited players to attach to and spectate other players
  • szutil_xplevel: Grant players privs based on "experience" accumulated by playing

The following mods require LuaSockets to be installed on the host system, and the mod to be added to the secure.trusted_mods setting:

  • szutil_chatsocket: Expose in-game chat stream as a unix-domain socket for arbitrary chat integrations
  • szutil_consocket: Togglable on-screen input control HUD, useful for demo recording



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  • Powerfull! It good mod for make easy daily administrative tasks

    Thanks, it very powerfull as root TTY, but for minetest as well!

    Also, note for chatsocket and consocket, i try install with distro package installer, but not provide socket.unix

    After few research I find way:
    # {your pkg manager} install lua51-dev(el) luarocks-lua51
    # luarocks-5.1 install luasocket-unix

    and after, it works! Default luasocket too new, and no have unix sockets.

  • Package of goodies for server owners & more

    SzUtilPack is a sizable modpack collection of utility mods ranging from a controls HUD to a chat message sound notifier mod, or szutil_fixhack which can fix all of the silly lighting issues that occur in Minetest automatically in the background. While there are some that are primarily meant for singleplayer the majority of the mods are ones primarily useful for multiplayer servers. All mods are self-contained so you can cherry pick only the ones you want to enable making it a great resource for various mods server owners would want to have on their server that doesn't nearly get enough attention.

    In fact, I wrote a mod that turned out to just recreate part of the szutil_restart mod can do without even knowing it. So if you're a server admin and can think of anything you would want, look in SzUtilPack before implementing it yourself!


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