SkyRealm for NodeCore

SkyBlocks inside vanilla NodeCore.

Mapgen/Biomes/Decoration Building Transport

This is a remake of Kimapr's NodeCore SkyBlock (plus the nc_sky_hard alternative mapgen), but designed to run inside a vanilla NodeCore world. Use with normal (e.g. v7) mapgens, not singlenode.

The sky dimension is accessed via a portal which needs to be crafted in vanilla NodeCore dimension. You will need a tree stump, a glowing lode cube, a critical lux reactor, and an infused tempered mallet to complete the recipe. Portals can only be dug and moved with an infused tempered pick/mattock. To enter the sky dimension, the portal needs to be placed, surrounded on 5 sides with fire, and pummeled.

Inside the sky realm, you will have a block with 28 dirt/grass, 2 stones, and 1 tree. The expanded recipes from Kimpr's nc_sky (e.g. dirty gravel, sponge spores, stone melting) work, but only within the sky realm. You will need to be very careful not to drop critical resources into the void, especially early on. This skyblock is very difficult and you will need to plan carefully. It is advised not to dig out the nodes directly under the teleport destination without replacing the floor, or you may find yourself unable to teleport in and remain on your skyblock. If you mess up your block, or your tree doesn't yield any eggcorns, then then your skyblock is effectively dead, and you will need to create another portal to access a new skyblock to try again.

If you fall off your skyblock, you will teleport back to the point where you entered from the surface world; to return to the surface, just jump off your skyblock. Any inventory you're carrying while teleporting will be dropped on the surface side, which means items can be transported from the sky realm to the surface, but not from the surface to the sky.