The Road (NC)

This is a port of thelowerroad for NodeCore that adds a long road from -Z to +Z to the world, during world-generation.

Adventure / RPG Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Transport

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The Long Road of NodeCore

The Long Road (a NodeCore Mod)

Adds a long road from -Z to +Z to the world, during world-generation.

The road partially follows the terrain and tunnels through higher ground otherwise.

The road materials depend on the environment.

Small amounts of loot can be found in little buildings beside the road.

Per default the road will be generated at around x = 100.

Version: 1.2

License: The MIT License (MIT)

Dependencies: nc_api_all, nc_terrain, nc_concrete

Download original for MTG from:

Compatibility with Mapgens: generally works with all mapgens which provide a heightmap via minetest.get_mapgen_object works better when a heatmap is provided as well.

Fully compatible with : v5, v7, flat, fractal, valleys, lualandmg

Compatible with slightly different behaviour with: v6

Not compatible with singlenode unless you provide at least a heightmap in the corresponding lua-mapgenerator, see for an example on how to provide heightmap and heatmap properly.



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  • This mod is great for new servers

    When you start a new server, this mod will make some exploration easier. If you build your spawn with the road going through the center of your spawn (or modifying it to go around a clock tower, town square, fountain, etc) then it will help new players who join to find a place to build easier. Some will travel the road just to find all the goodies hidden along the way and a few may damage it for construction materials, but many will use it to connect their homes from, so that they have a "path" straight to spawn.