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Item Help [doc_items]


Automatically generated help texts of blocks, tools, weapons, crafting items and other items.

The goal is to tell the player as much about basically almost all items as possible, making it very convenient to look up simple things.

The ultimate goal of this mod is that eventually all relevant items have a complete in-game documentation so no item leaves you confused.

This mod is useful to learn the hard facts about practically all items, like how much damage weapon XYZ deals or whether you can dig that block. This mod does not give you long explanations about how to use certain nontrivial things, like the furnace from Minetest Game. This info might be provided by other mods and insert it into the help.

This mod provides 3 new help categories (using the Documentation System [doc]):

  • Blocks (e.g. dirt, stone, wooden stair)
  • Tools and weapons (e.g. wooden pickaxe, steel sword, screwdriver)
  • Misc. items (e.g. dye, stick, flour)

Entries are automatically added. The information in the entries is mostly automatically generated.

This mod also allows for mods to adding custom written description and usage help texts in free-form and even custom automatically generated texts for mod-specific information like flammability in Minetest Game. This is one of the core features of this mod; the mod relies on other mods to provide their custom help texts for a complete help.

If you find a particular item which is lacking an explanation on usage, request the mod author to add doc_items support.



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