Retro Plus

Look and feel of the oldest versions of Minetest


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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

This is a texture pack for Minetest Game that is based on the textures from the earliest versions of Minetest-c55.

On top, I created my own textures that roughly follow the same style for things that did not exist back then.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • The "Programmer Art" texture pack of MTG

    From the multicolour vomit dirt texture to the bright coarse noisy stone textures and oddly photorealistic badly tileable wood texture, this texture pack has it all. The tree trunks and leaves look vivid and delicious, and the cobblestone texture looks rigid and stable. There is some amount of charm in the old classic Minetest textures, even though I personally do not have nostalgia for old Minetest versions as I did not play them back in the day.

    In addition the newer textures for features that did not exist back in the day are recreated in the similar classic artstyle, making it look like they existed back in the day (I especially like the snowy forest biome, that wasn't a thing back then right?). It is an interesting experience to enable this texture pack and see your builds transform and travel back in time, like a time machine to the early days of Minetest contained inside modern day Minetest Game.

  • The nostalgia

    Great texture pack for those who want to relive early minetest days! The Mese texture, in my opinion, is the most classic/iconic thing from these early textures.

  • Really interesting texture pack

    It will be nostalgic for those who have played minetest for a long time and informative for those who don't know about the old versions. So I really say everbody should try this out

  • So ugly it's great

    It may not be the prettiest thing out there. But it is so charmingly bad in an endering kind of way. With the bright green grass and inconsistant artstyle reminding me of minecraft indev.