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Advanced tool for modders and advanced users to create and edit schematics.

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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This tool allows you to create, edit and save schematics.

A schematic is a data structure in Minetest which contains data to place a pre-defined structure in the world, like trees or buildings.

This mod also supports the advanced schematic features such as per-node probabilities, force-placed nodes, and Y slice probabilities.

Server commands: placeschem (place schematic), mts2lua (convert .mts to .lua file).

This mod is for modders and advanced users, the goal of this mod is to become the #1 schematic editing tool. If you don't understand anything of this, you should read the Minetest Lua API documentation on schematics.

To learn how to use this mod, see the file.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A must-have for development

    I've done some light schematic building lately, and this mod is by far the easiest and most effective method I've found. It's simple and convenient to use, completely mod/game agnostic (a must for development outside of MTG), and offers reasonably polished presentation.

    The only features that feel like they're missing is an option to load schematics registered by mods and a quick way to swap or flood-fill nodes in a schematic, but these are easy to work around or provide externally anyway. Overall, this mod makes for an incredibly useful development tool.

  • It just works Ladies and Gentlemen

    I wouldn't mind being able to manually edit .mts files, but at least I can create them now. I will definitely be using this newfound power, but for what is still to be decided.

  • Best way I know to create schematics for your own mods

    This mod makes it possible to save and load areas in a Minetest world as schematic files. With it players can build structures in Minetest and save the result to a file in their world folder.

    The mod is easy to understand and does not depend on any game – not even minetest_game. In my opinion that makes it an excellent choice to create schematics, even for beginner mod developers. There even exist special nodes for common use cases – for example, when air should not be placed in a schematic.

    Saving a schematic:

    1. You place a schemedit node at a corner of the area that you wish to save as a schematic.
    2. You click the node, then specify the area size and filename in a form. The area bounds can be clearly visible.
    3. You click a button to save the area as a schematic. It will be saved in the folder schems, which is located in the folder of the world you created it in.

    Loading a schematic:

    1. You put the schematic that you want to load in the folder schems, which should be located in the folder of the world you want it to be in. (Create it if it does not exist.)
    2. You place a schemeedit node at a corner of the the area where you wish to load a schematic.
    3. You click the node, then specify the filename in a form.
    4. You click a button to load the schematic.
  • almost a requirement for working with schematics

    this tool makes ones life way easier when creating schematics (outside of small lua defined ones). it also is game agnostic which is a plus allowing users to use it in any project they may be working on.

  • Brilliant

    Absolute godsend for saving schematics for decorations and mapgen. It's fairly manual, but you can have a single flat map with all your schematics in it, and update them really easily.

  • No-brainer

    Other schematic editors are just not as simple as this mod! I have used this for all of my schematics for more than 3 years now, and can say that I have never run into any problems.

    I agree with Hugues, that a function to quickly change nodes within the region would be useful, especially for turning air nodes into void nodes. One can also use Worldedit to accomplish this- it hardly adds any new complication, and is quick & easy to use.

  • Now it's possible to save the world

    Unless you try it, because there will be deffinetly a limit on how big of an area we're talking about, you can save almost everything!

  • This mod saves a lot of time when developing mods that use schematics.

    I have repeatedly used this mod to make schematics for my mods, and it has been very useful and has saved a lot of time.

    Its function is very similar to the Structure Block from Minecraft.

    An idea for how it could be improved would be to add a block similar to the Jigsaw Block from Minecraft, which would be useful for making large modular structures.

  • The go-to schematic creator

    This mod remains the go-to tool for creating and editing schematics for Minetest mods and games. Compared to schematic editors that are external programs, this mod relies on Minetest itself for modifying the schematics once imported, making the process of building and modifying schematics simple and effectively providing support for any game made both in the present or in the future.

  • Is more than just helpfull

    Without this mod I would probably not be able to handle schematics, thanks a lot.

  • Much better than writing slices in text files

    Much better than writing slices in text files and converting them to mts files. Saves a lot of time and headache. Thanks!

  • Very Intuitive and Useful

    This is the mod that made schematics accessable to me. The system is simple, and wonderfully free from dependencies. For modders and anyone who needs to create or view schematics this is the best option I've found.


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