Schematic Editor

Advanced tool for modders and advanced users to create and edit schematics.

Tools / Weapons / Armor



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A must-have for development

    I've done some light schematic building lately, and this mod is by far the easiest and most effective method I've found. It's simple and convenient to use, completely mod/game agnostic (a must for development outside of MTG), and offers reasonably polished presentation.

    The only features that feel like they're missing is an option to load schematics registered by mods and a quick way to swap or flood-fill nodes in a schematic, but these are easy to work around or provide externally anyway. Overall, this mod makes for an incredibly useful development tool.

  • almost a requirement for working with schematics

    this tool makes ones life way easier when creating schematics (outside of small lua defined ones). it also is game agnostic which is a plus allowing users to use it in any project they may be working on.

  • Very Intuitive and Useful

    This is the mod that made schematics accessable to me. The system is simple, and wonderfully free from dependencies. For modders and anyone who needs to create or view schematics this is the best option I've found.