Soothing 32

Lightweight yet aesthetically pleasing texture pack. Seriously, it could run on a toaster!

32px Featured

The texture pack is 32 colors only, more exactly the ones in the Zughy32 palette. Also, the default pack is more than five times lighter than the original!


  • Carts
  • Default
  • Doors
  • Flowers
  • Wool

You can try the texture pack joining the server A.E.S.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Most stylish texture pack for Minetest

    Unique and unified look and feel

    This texture pack probably has the most artistic flair out of any Minetest texture pack. It helps that Zughy is the real deal when it comes to pixel art. It makes Minetest feel like its own not just like a Minecraft clone. Soothing 32 is the perfect name for it too, it's bright and cheerful, feels both contemporary and reminescent of classic games on the SNES. No textures feel out of place or badly designed.

    Now if only we could force Zughy to include textures for popular mods like Ethereal...and well...every other popular mod out there...then we'd be set!

  • A strong, well-executed design

    When I look at most texture packs, they either stick so close to the source material that they don't offer much, or try to do something unique but end with a poor execution. Soothing 32 manages to assert itself as a unique art direction and look good while doing so. The simplified designs and shared palette give off a fluffy cartoon look that I really enjoy.

    Definitely worth a try!

  • Original art style, but very good

    textures are unified and looks very good

  • Awesome in every situation.

    I've been using this texture since it's release and it's perfect to play standard MTG and also on the servers. At first it seems a little bit too bright but after 2 minutes you start loving it.

  • Smooth!

    A good & smooth texture pack, i recommend it for people who get low FPS, i prefer using default one because im very used to it tho :รพ

  • Best Texture Pack ever!

    That's the best Texture pack, which I have ever seen! All in this pack looks very nice and cute! (The hoe isn't in the texture pack! :D )

  • Flawless texture pack

    It's the texture pack I always run when playing minetest. The colors are well balanced and they give a nice sense of harmony to the overall look of the engine. Also it gives a nice fresh look to the engine and not the same old stuff that often people do.

  • Great texture pack!

    Well, sometimes less is more :)

  • Excellent use of beautiful colors!

    I really like the way the colors are used, as well as the colors themselves. The textures are simple yet very beautiful and particular (something rare here on minetest, where people tend to make noisy textures that I really don't like).

  • Nice!

    Perfect for PvP