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Minetest Boosts

This Minetest mod adds boosts, technically privileges that are granted temporarily. Users can buy or gift them.


You can configure your boosts in the boosts.lua file in the mod folder or configure them world-specific by creating a boosts.lua file in your world folder.

The file has to return a table including the configured boosts:


return {
    ["fly"] = { -- ID of boost, to be used with /boost
        priv = "fly", -- Name of the privilege the player should be granted temporarily
        duration = 90, -- Duration of the temporary privilege grant in seconds
        cost = {
            type = "item", -- Cost type "item" when paying with item
            stack = {
                item = "default:diamond", -- Item name (id-string)
                count = 3 -- Item count
    ["fast"] = {
        priv = "fast",
        duration = 60,
        cost = {
            type = "money", -- Cost type "money" when using supported payment mod
            amount = 20 -- Amount to be withdrawn
    ["time"] = {
        priv = "settime",
        duration = 15,
        cost = false -- Cost equal to false when boost should be free

A boost configuration is made up of (all fields are required):

  • priv - Name of the privilege the player should be granted temporarily
  • duration - Timespan of the temporary privilege grant in seconds
  • cost - Table defining the cost of the boost - for a boost to be free set this to false
    • type - "item" when paying with item, "money" when using payment mod
    • stack - conditionally required with "item" cost type - table defining an ItemStack
      • item - Name (id-string) of item
      • count - Item count
    • amount - conditionally required with "money" cost type - amount to be withdrawn from user

The mod validates the configuration. If any errors occur, the boost will be disabled.

When listing the available boosts using /boosts, the formspec includes a currency string into the description of boosts with the "money" cost type to indicate the amount of money. The money mods feature a setting to set the currency name. This will be adopted, otherwise it defaults to "Minegeld". If you want to overwrite this, set the currency parameter in your minetest.conf file.

Supported payment mods

This mod supports the following payment mods when using the "money" cost type:

  • money3 by luk3yx
  • jeans_economy by Jean3219 (please make sure to update to the latest version, as the previous contained a bug that made this mod not work)

When using item-based money mods like currency, please use the "item" cost type instead.


The following mods are also supported, but it's strongly recommended to use money3 instead:

  • money by kotolegokot and Xiong
  • money2 by kotolegokot and Bad_Command


Users can list all available boosts using the /boosts command. To buy or gift a boost, you have to use the /boost command.


  • /boost buy fly User buys a fly boost for himself
  • /boost gift userB fly User gifts userB a fly boost


This mod ships with a booster privilege, with which users can buy and gift boosts for free.


Copyright © 2022 activivan

Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3 or later



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