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How do I install this?

This is a fork of money2 that uses more modern APIs such as mod storage and is fully backwards compatible with money2 (you can upgrade from money2 nicely, however you can't downgrade again).

Before installing

By default, players can convert gold and silver ingots into money using /convert gold and /convert silver. To disable this, add money3.convert_items = nil to minetest.conf.

Players need the "money" privilege to be able to use /money and receive payments. You should consider adding money to the default_privs setting in minetest.conf.

Config settings

These can be set in config.lua or minetest.conf.

  • money3.initial_amount: The amount of money new players get. Default: 0.
  • money3.currency_name: The text appended to the currency when displaying it. Default: cr.
  • money3.enable_income: Pays players money (by default 10cr) every in-game day. Default: true if creative mode is disabled, otherwise false. If you are using the currency mod, it is probably a good idea to set currency.income_enabled to false.
  • money3.income_amount: Changes the amount of income players get paid. If income is not enabled, this does nothing.
  • money3.convert_items: A lua table (that can also be nil to disable) similar to the following (default) one:
    gold = { item = "default:gold_ingot", dig_block="default:stone_with_gold",
        desc='Gold', amount=75, minval=25 },
    silver = { item = "moreores:silver_ingot",
        dig_block="moreores:mineral_silver", desc='Silver', amount = 27,



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