Provides shops, barter tables, safes, and multiple denominations of currency, called "Minegeld". Originally written by Dan Duncombe, but maintained by me.

Commerce / Economy Multiplayer-focused

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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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  • Used by nearly all servers for establishing functional economies

    I only have several issues currently:

    The barter table can get locked up between two players that click to start the trade and then walk away forever. Each side of the table should time out and return any items after a short period, and release the table to be used by other players without having to break it and re-place it. There can be a shorter timer that allows anyone to click cancel on any delayed trades before the non-interactive timer expires and cancels automatically.

    Minegeld bundles should either be restricted to being crafted with low-denomination notes, or retain data on what notes were combined together in order to make them, so that they may be taken back apart to recover the money. Some players use this mistakenly to store many large-denomination notes, so it is important that the data not be deleted on server crashes, and care should be taken so that players cannot send messages to duplicate huge amounts of money.

    After doing expirements on whether or not players understand the bill denominations, the results show that they do not understand the value of each note when compared to each other and are far more likely to pick the notes which are granted to them on server activity as their base and lowest valued form of currency, even if they are red or blue $10 or $5 notes. I don't really know what can be done about this right now besides somehow making it more obvious, or creating a sort of tutorial island mapgen that has progressive areas which demonstrate each of the ubiquitously installed mods' workings.

  • One of the best mods

    This mod is one of the best of minetest. I like minegeld. Thanks for developing this :)


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