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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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smartshop redo mod for minetest.

based on the original smartshop mod by AiTechEye *


CODE: * (c) flux LGPL v3 * inspired by code (c) AiTechEye LGPL-2.1, though it's been rewritten from the ground up twice now...

TEXTURES: * smartshop_border.png (c) celeron55 CC BY-SA 3.0 * smartshop_face.png (c) celeron55 CC BY-SA 3.0 * smartshop_animation_mask.png (unknown, i think i made it? it's a single white pixel? ~flux)


this mod provides two nodes - a shop, and an external storage.

here is a picture of 2 properly configured shops with items for sale:


here is a picture of the inventory that a shop owner sees:


the top 4 slots are for things you want to sell. you don't need to fill them all.

the 4 slots below that are the price of the thing above them. this is what you'll get from players who buy things at your shop.

the remaining 32 slots are the main inventory.

in this example, 99 blueberries are being sold for 5 gold ingots, and 1 "cottages:roof_brown" is being sold for 10 gold ingots.

here is a picture of what a customer will see when interacting with your shop:


if the customer has gold in their inventory, and clicks on the icons, they will "trade" some of their gold for the items that were in the shop.

only valid exchanges will show up in the shop. the border of the shop will turn red if the shop has sold out of any item, and it will turn purple if it is too full to allow an exchange. it will also turn green, if it has been used and has payments inside it or connected storage.

the "send" and "refill" buttons allow you to connect a shop to external storage. press the button, then punch a storage node. they can be the same storage node, or different nodes, and multiple shops can share storage, which is convenient if you want to keep all your payments in one place.

the "customer" button allows the shop owner to see the shop as if they were a customer, to test that things are configured correctly.

checking "strict meta" allows a player to sell objects with specific metadata, such as written books. by default, metadata is ignored.

unchecking "private" allows anyone who could break the shop node, to also configure the shop, which is useful with e.g. shared protection areas.

admin users also have the option to create a shop with unlimited inventory.


note: now requires futil

why should you use this fork over AiTechEye's?


  • far fewer bugs, more active development
  • automatic upgrade from existing smartshops (though there is no "downgrade" path, so make backups!)
  • when possible, it uses fewer entities, and entities w/ drawtypes that don't cause as much of an FPS drop for low-power clients.
  • it simplifies the UI somewhat, and is more informative as to the source of common smartshop problems, such as a shop having too many items it to permit an exchange
  • saner external storage semantics. get rid of the label "wifi" because it's confusing.
  • automatically makes correct change for known currency mods
  • API for easy integration with many other kinds of mods
  • comes with built-in compatability w/ mesecons, mescons_mvps, pipeworks, and tubelib
  • no hard dependencies on minetest_game or other mods


  • smartshop.storage_max_distance (default: 30) maximum distance between a shop and a linked storage. 0 disables the behavior.
  • smartshop.storage_link_time (default: 30) time allowed to link storage after initiating the process
  • smartshop.change_currency (default: true) automatically make change for currency, if currency is present
  • smartshop.enable_refund (default: true) whether to refund the pay/give line of "old" shops. if you are not upgrading from the old version, set this to false to disable an LBM that otherwise has to run on every load.
  • smartshop.admin_shop_priv (default: smartshop_admin) privilege of a shop admin user, who may use the owner interface of any shop, and may set up shops which allow for unlimited exchanges without need for stock
  • smartshop.error_behavior (default: announce) behavior on serious errors which wouldn't normally crash, such as not being able to properly remove or add an item to an inventory, resulting in possible lost items.
  • smartshop.enable_tests (default: false) enable if you want to run the testing suite. do not enable in general, and do not use on a real world, as it is destructive


The lua API is extensive, I'll try to document it as I have time. You can interact w/ pretty much all smartshop behavior, and easily extend functionality. I'll outline a few important things now:

  • smartshop.api.is_shop(pos)
  • smartshop.api.is_storage(pos)
  • smartshop.api.get_object(pos) returns a shop object, a storage object, or nil if the node is not a shop or storage.
  • smartshop.api.register_purchase_mechanic(def)
def = {
    name = "mod:some_name",
    allow_purchase = function(player, shop, i)
        return true -- if this mechanic can handle this transaction
    do_purchase = function(player, shop, i)
        -- does the exchange and updates player and shop inventories
  • smartshop.api.register_on_purchase(callback)
callback = function(player, shop, i)
    -- called when something is purchased
  • smartshop.api.register_on_shop_full(callback)
callback = function(player, shop, i)
    -- called when a purchase fails because the shop is full
  • smartshop.api.register_on_shop_empty(callback)
callback = function(player, shop, i)
    -- called when the shop sells out of something
  • smartshop.api.register_transaction_transform(callback)
callback = function(player, shop, i, shop_removed, player_removed)
    -- sometimes, it is necessary to alter the items in an exchange
    -- e.g. changing the owner of a petz "pet"
    return shop_removed, player_removed



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Badly needed improvement of smartshops

    This improves lag from smartshops a lot, as I was able to see first-hand on Tunnelers' Abyss, and the api just ends up being much smarter than the original. The new currency system works great, allowing you to make purchases such as buying something that costs a "10 note" for two "5 notes". Additionally, the smartshop updates with the meta from the item which will be sold to you; in the original, this was not implemented and could be used to sell you a below average item while advertising a fully-upgraded item.

    Fair warning, your smartshops will mostly have 2D sprite displays now instead of the 3D model entities. This can be a painful reality, and some people were fairly upset about it, but in the long run, your client will thank you for not having to render those 3D entities.

  • Very useful for selling and buying

    As CalebJ already wrote: The lag reduction is noticeable. The smartshops work very well and offer everything sellers may wish for.


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