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Minetest Discord Webhook

Version v2.1.1

This Minetest mod allows you to mirror chat messages, server status updates as well as player connections and deaths to your Discord server. Unlike other mods, this one uses webhooks to directly post messages to Discord - there is no need to run a proxy or waste your time setting up a Discord bot, which makes getting started only a matter of seconds. On top of that, you can literally customize everything! What information you want to be mirrored, what color notification boxes should have, or in what way to style a player name - everything is up to you - and it's available in 7 different languages. Give it a try!

WARNING Version v2.1.0 comes with new setting keys for the Webhook URL and language parameter. Mod tries to migrate automatically.

Getting started

Install Minetest mod

To install this mod, you have two options:

  • Clone this repository into the minetest/mods directory by executing

shell git clone

Creating a Discord Webhook

  1. Go to your Discord server settings
  2. Go to "Integrations"
  3. Go to "Webhooks" and create a new Webhook
  4. Copy the URL of the webhook to your clipboard

Configuring the mod

The Discord Webhook URL setting is the only one required for this mod to work. Paste the URL of the webhook you created into minetest.conf:

dcwebhook.url =

Optionally, set the language you want the system notifications to be in. Languages currently available: English: en (default), German: de, Russian: ru, Dutch: nl, French: fr, Spanish: es, Italian: it, Japanese: ja, Chinese: zh, Malay: ms and Indonesian: id

dcwebhook.lang = de

Add mod to http_mods

As this mod needs access to the Minetest HTTP API to work, it has to be added to the secure.http_mods property in the minetest.conf file. Alternatively, it can be added to secure.trusted_mods.

Note: Due to the need for the Minetest HTTP API, this mod only works on Minetest Servers built with cURL support

Customizing the mod

There are many different ways in which you can customize this mod. All available settings are listed in settingtypes.txt. Go check it out!

Found a bug?

Please create a new issue on GitHub:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Its only shows the player logins

    In my discord channel it not shows the chat.

    only shows serverrestarts and playerlogins.

    How can i fix this?

  • Amazing mod.. Just needs one improvement

    Love the ease of setup and its nice structure. However, it would be great if Discord members could also send messages back to the minetest client chat. Adding this feature would make it an amazing mod! Keep up the great work.


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