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For Minetest 5.8 and above

How do I install this?

add a golden bread to the game you can make it using one gold ingot and one bread



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  • Doesn't really tell you why you'd want to add this mod in the description...

    If I'm reading the mod files correctly, the golden bread basically it satiates for 10 hunger points, just like a golden carrot would?

  • Not a mese bread, unfortunately.

    "Mese" derives from Middle English mese, mes, mees (“dinner, dish”), from Old English mēse, mēose, mīse, mȳse (“table; that which is set on a table; dish; food, meal”), a vernacular loan from Latin/Late Latin mē(n)sa (“table; meal”). Cognate with Scots mes, mese (“a serving of food”), Old High German mias, meas (German Mus, Gemüse), Gothic 𐌼𐌴𐍃 (mēs). Compare Old English mēsan (“to eat, dine”), from Proto-Germanic mōsijaną, from Proto-Germanic mōsą, an ablaut variant of the root Proto-Germanic mat- (“food”).

    One of the reasons to add a mese bread instead of 金. 金 in pure form (not in circuits) is for mere fools, anyway, and always has been.

    Second: mese, by an old minetester tradition, has magical powers that tend to misrepresent themselves as technologically advanced chunks of conscious matter. That means that you could've at least created smart bread, a 大脳パン. Ever thought of embedding a Scheme interpreter in your bread? Well, you've missed your chance to show yourself. But let's just be friends again, ok? I promise you will love me again.