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Minetest 5.4 mod: Demoiselle

The Demoiselle

This is an historic aircraft, the Demoiselle. It was an aircraft developed between 1907 and 1909 by the Brazilian inventor Alberto Santos Dumont. This mod for minetest is a cartooned version adapted to the engine, with a fun and slow flight. I hope you have fun exploring the map and experiencing the beginnings of aviation. In order to fly, it is necessary to first supply the airplane with biofuel. Then with a bottle or gallon selected, punch it against the airplane. You can use 5 bottles them to fill the tank. To embark, click with the right button. While the machine is off, it is possible to move it using the sneak and jump keys (shift an space). W ans S controls the pitch (elevator). Right and Left (A and D) controls the yaw (rudder).

Then to fly, start the engine with the special key E. Press jump (space) to increase the engine power. Set it to the maximum. Pull the elevator control (S) when it have the speed to lift.

Use the climb indicator to stabilize altitude, as at high altitudes you lose sustentation and you spend more fuel.

For landing, just lower the power and stabilize the airplane. Pay attention at air speed indicator, keeping it at green range, otherwise you will stall.

Care must be taken with impacts, as it causes damage to the aircraft and the pilot, so training landings is essential.

To brake the aircraft, use the sneak (shift) key until it comes to a complete stop. Do not stop the engine before this, or it will reverse when it stops

Controls overview: * Right click: enter in/get off plane * Left click (with biofuel): add fuel to plane * E: Start engine * Jump: Increase power, forward on ground * Sneak: Decrease power, brake on ground * Backward: go up flying - nose up * Forward: go down flying - nose down * Left/right: Turn to left/right, work on and out ground. * Left and Right together: center all commands * Up and Down together: enable/disable HUD

Chat Commands:

/demoiselle_eject - ejects from the vehicle

License of source code: LGPL v3 (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds): CC0



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