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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

This mod implements a fishing boat for minetest.

It's physics comes indirectly from Sailing Kit from Thermos, as it descend from Motorboat and then Sailing Kit. It can carry 5 people.

To run it's engine, it is necessary to provide biofuel. To supply it, be on board and punch the necessary fuel on the boat. Activate the engine in the first option of the menu. Take control by activating the option "Take the Control". The information panel will be on the left and bottom of the screen.

Forward increases the propeller power, Backward reduces. To go reverse, hold aux (E key) and backward together. There is a power mode. When the lever reaches the up limit, hold E and forward to increase the acceleration. The boat inventory can be accessed by Aux (E) + rightclick or by the captain menu.

Shared owners: This vehicle was made to be shared with a team. So the owner can set more users to operate it. Inside the boat, just use the command /fishing_boat_share <name> To remove someone from the sharing, /fishing_boat_remove <name> To list the owners, /fishing_boat_list Is possible to lock the boat access, so only the owners can enter: /fishing_boat_lock true To let anyone enter, /fishing_boat_lock false All shared owners can access the boat inventory When the ship sunk, all permissions are ignored and anybody can get the boat treasures

Painting: As the planes, punch a dye against the hull, so the primary color will change To change the secondary color, punch a dye, but holding Aux (E) key. Only the original owner can do the paintings

Shortcuts: right click to enter and access menu punch with dye to paint forward and backward while in drive position: controls the power lever left and right while in drive position: controls the direction

E + right click while inside: acess inventory E + backward while in drive position: the machine does backward E + foward while in drive position: extra power

Tip: Drive it gently. The captain can leave the drive position to walk too If a player goes timeout or logoff, the boat will "rescue" him if no other player enter the boat, so is a good idea wait the friend at a secure place far from anyone who wants to enter the boat.

Know issues: The walk movement inside the ship is affected by server lag, because the lack of an interpolation method on attach function. Rubber-band bug is from minetest nature, just close and reopen minetest to solve. Some old versions of minetest can have an strange issue, the camera is set to the map center. So if it happens, just type /fishing_boat_eject to be free again.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Pretty much a must have, if you live by the sea (like me)

    This fishing boat is great, but not just for fishing. It can store a lot of items (Inventory size is 5x10), making it easy to wander around and collect a lot of items. Speaking of easy, it's not difficult at all to get this going to speeds comparable to the motorboat by APercy, even while being that big. It also has a realistic feel, with bouyancy (or whatever it's called, bouncing on the water) and realistic movement (also similarly to the motorboat). You can choose to control it and not only notice the wooden wheel (or whatever) actually moving, but also a few items appearing on your HUD, like the throttle with... A snail and a turtle! And of course, you can walk around on it and even go with a few friends. If you go too crazy on it, then don't worry if it breaks slightly, because it's easily repearable with just several steel ingots (which you probably have tons of already after going mining enough to get a mese block for crafting).

    In conclusion, I think it's really great for quickly wandering around the sea, which is even possible with many friends. Though, if you only want to casually go speeding to places without worrying about inventory space or more than 1 friend, then I recommend the motorboat instead, and especially when you're on shallow waters (the fishing one is big) or if you are just starting out (I think it can't break?). However, this fishing boat will probably be able to amaze you too.

  • really cool!

    Its easy to use, easy to drive, and simply awesome. Ur mods are always so cool! Good job! :D

  • Absolutely Brilliant

    The latest of the masterful vehicles created by APercy. This is so far the pinnacle of boats. It's just so immersive to take its helm and drive around Minetest's seas and rivers! This is still WIP, so I expected some bugs, but there aren't really any in there that I have found at the moment. The only trouble I have had for now is slowing down enough to drop the anchor, it seems to want me to stop almost completely, even if I am barely crawling along it won't let me drop it. The only thing we are missing now for proper harbours is buoys, like in the screenshot.

    Overall, very good mod, I definetely recommend it.