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Minetest 5.4 mod: Ju52

This mod is a version of the german ju52 for minetest. It is under development, so it does not yet have an autopilot nor the planned automated airline system for the future. But it is already flyable, and can carry up to 12 occupants.

Note for beginners: it is not recommended to fly it without previously acquired proficiency. So it is recommended that you know how to fly the Super Cub and Demoiselle beforehand, especially how to land them without damage.

The main functions of the aircraft are found in the internal menu, activated with the right click. There is a second menu, for applying skins, but it only appears when hitting a dye on the aircraft, being INSIDE it. For other colors, you can use a dye on the OUTSIDE with the desired color, it is also possible to use the painter from the bike mod or from the automobiles_pck mod.

In order for passengers to board, it is necessary to open the door, otherwise no one will be able to enter.

While the machine is off, it is possible to move it using the sneak and jump keys (shift and space). W ans S controls the pitch (elevator). Right and Left (A and D) controls the yaw (rudder).

Then to fly, first load the airplane fuel punching it from outside (it uses 3 gallons or 30 bottles of biofuel). Then go onboard and start the engine on the menu. Then press jump (space) to increase the engine power. Set it to the maximum. Pull the elevator control (S) when it have the speed to lift.

Use the climb indicator to stabilize altitude, as at high altitudes you lose sustentation and you spend more fuel.

For landing, just lower the power and stabilize the airplane. Pay attention at air speed indicator, keeping it at green range, otherwise you will stall.

Care must be taken with impacts, as it causes damage to the aircraft and the pilot, so training landings is essential.

To brake the aircraft, use the sneak (shift) key until it comes to a complete stop. Do not stop the engine before this, or it will reverse when it stops

Controls overview:

  • Right click: enter in/get off plane

  • Left click (with biofuel): add fuel to plane

  • Jump: Increase power, forward on ground

  • Sneak: Decrease power, brake on ground

  • Backward: go up flying - nose up

  • Forward: go down flying - nose down

  • Left/right: Turn to left/right, work on and out ground.

  • Left and Right together: center all commands

  • E and Right Click (while outside): access airplane inventory

PS: NO recipe yet

License of source code: LGPL v3 (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds): CC0



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Best airplane by far

    I like the super cub, super duck. (I prefer the super duck so the sea/oceans become my run way)

    While I am a big fan of the helicopter. (Simply because it's simple to fly, but the airplanes are faster as they should)

    I love how the Ju52 properly responds slower than that of the super cub or super duck. (As it should)

    While I seem to be ok flight wise (till I crash into a mountain that I didn't quite see coming at me), the landing seems to be the hardest.

    The airutils tug is a must have for airplanes (ju52, super cub, and super duck), great for turning them around while they are on the run way.

  • Great mod!

    Hi! I really like your mod! Could you do a modpack with a bunch of ww2 aircraft in it as well? Thanks!

  • Best airplane in complex sence

    I love it

  • Quite fun

    I flew as a passenger for a while, was quite fun - until MisterE crashed into a mountain. Luckily I jumped out just before. Here's a screenshot of that happening

    One thing I'd like is the ability to choose a seat, I wasn't able to sit next to the pilot up front. The third-person mode eye offset should also be further back to see more of the plane.


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