Not So Simple Helicopter

It adds an expensive helicopter with power consumption.

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Minetest 5.4 mod: Not So Simple Helicopter

This is the "Not So Simple Helicopter", fork of the old "Simple Helicopter". This version is more expensive to produce and that uses biofuel from crops. So far we have a helicopter that consumes fuel, has its consumption changed according to the level of flight. It dependes on a second mod (based on the wine mod), with a distiller that allows to transform some inputs into biofuel and fly with them. A passenger can go onboard when the pilot is inside Now the direction is controlled by A and D keys, but if you want do change direction by mouse, just type E key to change the flight dynamics and A and D just tilt the helicopter to sides again

To put biofuel on it, just punch the seat with the fuel bottle or gallon. And see at the gauge on panel how much fuel you have.

It can be painted using dye of any color you want, you must punch the seat with the dye.

originally Simple helicopter by Pavel_S reworked by DS re-reworked by A_Percy

License of source code:

original code by Pavel_S: GPL_v2 (see file LICENSE) changes / complete rework by DS and A_Percy matrix.lua file: CC0

License of media (textures and sounds):

helicopter_motor.ogg by Robinhood76 | License: Attribution Noncommercial

helicopter_water_driblet.png by DS | License: CC0

helicopter model and texture:

Helicube is a model made by Alexsandro Percy, based in original model aesthetic but made from zero. But using on rotors an adaptation of the texture from 3D model made by Melkor and his animations.

the item textures are probably by Pavel_S



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  • Grade A+

    So glad this mod has made its way to ContentDB. APercy's additions have improved the helicopter's usability & aesthitics, in addition to adding some features such as fuel consumption. The model is beautiful & includes a fuel gauge. It is also colorable using some of the basic dyes.

  • Good review of an old mod

    I like this mod as much as its predecessor.

    I comment here as it seems I can't create issues on github for this mod

    • I however regreat as in all your vehicle mods that any vehicle is private. I'm now working on a small api to allow keys to be used on entities (new issue/improvement request)
    • I noticed that when used with also the old helicopter mod, textures file names are colliding, one of the helicopters will get ugly texture as uv changed. (new issue)
    • modname changed and there is no compatibility layer to switch old entities (new issue)
    • we cannot more grab back helicopter to inventory, weird as they can fit in inventory when crafting them (same goes for all your vehicle mods). (personal taste not really an issue)

    If I give a positive feedback it's really because I like it. It seems bug free now (c.f.: log out/log in old mod)

    I commented mostly on point I do not like just because I initially wanted to create issues on github.

  • Fantastic Mod, a few bugs/issues

    This is easily my favorite mode of transportation in Minetest. The controls feel quite "helicoptery" Easy to fly, but sufficiently challenging to master.

    A few problems:

    When you die in the helicopter, you tend to get "stuck" in the helicopter. I die, I respawn in my bed, take a few steps, and whoops! I'm back in the helicopter, wherever it happens to be, or even worse, wherever I happened to be the last time I got sucked back into it. A particularly bad example happened today, where I got stuck in the helicopter, which was stuck in a wall, inside my house. Every time I did /killme and respawned, I was stuck in darkness, unable to dismount from the heli. Luckily, the part of my house it happened to get stuck in was unprotected, so I was able to go in as a different character, and chop away at the wall until my main character could get free. If only the helicopter had some sort of emergency eject or self destruct feature for cases like this.

    Helicopters (at least on my server?) seem to be indestructable. It seems as if they are /supposed/ to be take damage, but despite my worst efforts, they don't. One problem I have is that players on my server have left a few helicopters in awkward and annoying places (there is one parked sideways on my neighbour's lawn right now) and they are apparently impossible to get rid of. Would be nice if those helicopters were somehow removeable, or able to be confiscated after a set period of disuse such as "player1's OLD helicopter".

    The needle for the fuel guage is a bit hard to see , especially when it is at "E" or "F" . This really isn't a problem for me, as I simply altered the textures files "needle" and "panel" to make the fuel guage easier to read, and way more cool looking. img files: Needle: Panel:

  • Good mod, but there's a little issue

    the helicopter is an excellent vehicle since it travel faster than boat or walking, and very customizable with dye. but i encountered a slight graphic issue where the helicopter shaking so much while moving around

  • One of my favorite mods

    The only problem with it is that it is under GPLv2 only. This is because it was based on an earlier helicoper mod also under this licence. This means you can't use it within GPLv3 terms or anything looser than GPLv2 (Such as MIT).

    Aside from that licencing issue, it's got great balancing, appearance, and all around quality. I highly reccomend using this mod wherever the licence doesn't prevent you.

  • Excelent

    Very good to play alone or in a server, very fun. There is a compatibility issue with the Biofuel mod for Minetest 5.5.1