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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Minetest 5.4 mod: Steampunk Blimp

Note: update the airutils lib first

Note 2: not designed for potato server

Note 2023/12/21: Now the logo formspec let the player use any texture loaded in the game

This mod implements a fantasy steampunk blimp for minetest. The mod was made for fun, but tries to provide an immersion on it's operation. It can carry 7 players.

To fly it, it is necessary to provide some items, such as fuel to be burned and water for the boiler. The fuel can be coal, coal block and wood. To supply it, be on board and punch the necessary items on the airship. There is another way to load water to the boiler: if it is landed on water, it can load it through the menu. But the current pressure will be lost.

Activate the furnace in the first option of the menu. Take control by activating the option "Take the Control".

The information panel will be on the left and bottom of the screen. Wait for the boiler to reach the proper pressure for operation (green) before operating the power lever. To go up, press Jump (space). Note that it takes some pressure from the boiler. To go down, hold sneak (shift).

Forward increases the propeller power, Backward reduces. To go reverse, hold aux (E key) and backward together. There is a power mode. When the lever reaches the up limit, hold E and forward to increase the acceleration. But note that the boiler will lose pressure.

The blimp inventory can be accessed by Aux (E) + rightclick.

Shared owners:

  • This vehicle was made to be shared with a team. So the owner can set more users to operate it. Inside the blimp, just use the command /blimp_share <name>
  • To remove someone from the sharing, /blimp_remove <name>
  • To list the owners, /blimp_list
  • Is possible to lock the blimp access, so only the owners can enter: /blimp_lock true
  • To let anyone enter, /blimp_lock false
  • All shared owners can access the blimp inventory


  • As the planes, punch a dye against the hull, so the primary color will change
  • To change the secondary color, punch a dye, but holding Aux (E) key.
  • It is possible to set a logo on your blimp, so enter inside it and type the command /blimp_logo
  • Only the original owner can do the paintings
  • To paint it on Repixture game, the owner have to use the command /blimp_paint


  • right click to enter and access menu
  • punch with dye to paint
  • forward and backward while in drive position: controls the power lever
  • left and right while in drive position: controls the direction
  • jump and sneak: controls the up and down movement
  • E + right click while inside: acess inventory
  • E + backward while in drive position: the machine does backward
  • E + foward while in drive position: extra power


  • Drive it gently.
  • The captain can leave the drive position to walk too
  • If a player goes timeout or logoff in flight, the blimp will "rescue" him if no other player enter the blimp, so is a good idea wait the friend at a secure place far from anyone who wants to enter the blimp.

Know issues:

  • The walk movement inside the ship is affected by server lag, because the lack of an interpolation method on attach function.
  • Rubber-band bug is from minetest nature, just close and reopen minetest to solve. Or try to live the Michael Jackson's way of life and learn the Moonwalk properly XD
  • Some old versions of minetest can have an strange issue, the camera is set to the map center. So if it happens, just type /blimp_eject to be free again.

License of source code: MIT (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds):

collision.ogg by APercy, CC0

Blimp model and textures by APercy. CC BY-SA 3.0



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A huge amount of fun, walking around is cool

    I played this last night with a few other people. It was awesome being able to walk around on board, clever how that's implemented. We struggled to work out how to fly the thing to begin with, I think it was something to do with boiler pressure

    We added a pirate flag to the blimp, and chased after another blimp. We flew up beside it and boarded it. Then the blimps started colliding and things got a bit crazy, I jumped out into the sea below

  • Breakthrough

    This mod is great. This is the first mod that I know of that let you walk around a moving ship. You can even climb the ladder. The engine and controls are also quite immersive, though the water requirement was somewhat confusing.

    I love the model too, so much detail.

  • Brilliant

    An absolutely brilliant mod that should be a must-have for all games and servers.

    The deck that can be walked on is ingenious.

  • Amazing mod. Allows for great exploratory tours

    The blimp is a well-known and valued method of travelling together on the YourLand server. Several people will join the ride. It's amazing that all these players can move around on the blimp - even while in flight!

  • this is so fun

    everything about this mod works great. even with 200 other mods enabled it still works correctly. Totally would recommend

  • my favorite mod for Minetest

    I just LOVE flying around on this thing, and the controls and the feel of the blimp, it's just brilliant.

    however, on servers, it kinda sucks, movement (on board) is really REALLY slow, otherwise it's a blast. my only recommendation would be if it's possible to have an unobstructed view, or more open view somehow.

    can't wait to see what APercy comes up with next, but a large sailboat with walking deck like this blimp would be sweet AF.

  • I like

    It's feels a bit glitchy when flying though

  • very innovative and fun

    Very cool Great vehicle, very good control experience


    This mod is just impressive and I loved to try. The concept of moving inside the vehicle while riding it is really amazing. Plus the fact that you can recharge it from landing in water is cool. I never tried any steampunk vehicle hence the experience while flying it was just as awesome. This mod is highly reccomendable for travelling in MTG.

  • insain

    i dont no how you did it but you are godlike its amazing also is there a way to remove the stutter when moving fast i think its just minetest causing that but is there a fix

  • Test in Server Hispania

    Super infernal Lag. Impossible to maneuver and land, I do not recommend something like this for a server or for those who put several mods this will not work well.