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Super Cub

The Super Cub

This is a pure lithoplane, based on Super Cub airplane. In order to fly, it is necessary to first supply the airplane with biofuel. Then with a bottle or gallon selected, punch it against the airplane. You can use 10 bottles them to fill the tank. See the fuel gauge on the airplane panel (right below, with a green F). To embark, click with the right button. While the machine is off, it is possible to move it using the sneak and jump keys (shift an space). W ans S controls the pitch (elevator). Right and Left (A and D) controls the yaw (rudder and ailerons).

Then to fly, start the engine using the plane menu (right click). Press jump (space) to increase the engine power (check the panel for the indicator marked with a yellow P). Adjust to the maximum. Pull the elevator control (S) when it have the speed to lift.

During the cruise flight, it is ideal to keep the power setting below the red range, to control fuel consumption. Use the climb indicator to stabilize altitude, as at high altitudes you lose sustentation and you spend more fuel.

For landing, just lower the power and stabilize the airplane. Pay attention at air speed indicator, keeping it at green range, otherwise you will stall.

Care must be taken with impacts, as it causes damage to the aircraft and the pilot, so training landings is essential.

To brake the aircraft, use the sneak (shift) key until it comes to a complete stop. Do not stop the engine before this, or it will reverse when it stops

To repair damages, you can use the repair tool. It subtracts steel ingots to increase airplane hp.

It can be painted using dye of any color you want, you must punch the airplane with the dye.

Biofuel mod can be found here:

The limitations: because the lack in functions to roll the camera, and the rudder acting together the ailerons, the airplane is unable to do a tuneau, barrel roll, loopings and any kind of aerobatics maneuvers. It was limited at the source. You can modify it by your own, just making the roll movement cumulative and increasing the speeds

Controls overview: * Right click: enter in/get off plane * Left click (with biofuel): add fuel to plane * Right click and Sneak: enter in flight instructor mode (limited vision, so use debug info) * E: Start engine * Jump: Increase power, forward on ground * Sneak: Decrease power, brake on ground * Backward: go up flying - nose up * Forward: go down flying - nose down * Left/right: Turn to left/right, work on and out ground. * Left and Right together: center all commands * Sneak and Jump together: give/take the controls to/from pilot student * Up and Down together: enable/disable HUD

**Chat Commands: **

/cub_eject - ejects from the vehicle

/cub_manual - shows the manual

License of source code: LGPL v3 (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds): CC0



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  • Cool mod!

    Ever since I flew the Super Duck, I wanted a non-seaplane version and this is perfect! However I've discovered an issue with the crafting. The plane parts for this use the same recipes and are essentially the same parts as the Super Duck, but with different names. This means you craft one of them but can't craft the other. Then the Super Duck parts can build the Super Cub without the floaters which is weird. I think a good solution to this would be to combine the two mods and have them use the same parts(plus floaters for the Super Duck). This would also have a bonus of having 2 planes in a mod instead of two separate mods with 1 each, then you don't have to maintain the same code twice. Win-win! :D

    Anyways these are the best plane mods I've played with and I honestly recommend them to anyone! These would fit perfectly in an airport. A future vehicles modpack with Apercy's mods would make any world more fun! I seriously love the work Apercy has done with these vehicles!

  • Cool mod but laggy

    cool mod, like microsoft flight simulator in minetest, but when i fly the plane it sometimes lags and the plane sounds also stop (for a split second). Also the plane sometimes struggles to catch up with where the actual player is (most likely because of speed). Other than that, great mod.

  • Very cool mod!

    High-speed and great airplane. I like it!

  • great airplane mod

    Its simple, yet easy to use

  • Nice

    Good work APercy!

  • Really good mod

    • good model
    • good textures
    • good performances
    • good HUD

    Just amazing, as always.

  • nice mod

    Good work making the duck an ostrich XD

    i really like the only-wheels version!


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