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Shadow Realm

You find yourself spawned into this odd cubic world.

You delve deep in search of ores and minerals to craft the greatest tools.

But not too deep, for a strange power lurks below which sucks on your life energy with unquenched flame.

For this is the spirit of Cerdon, and you must defeat him. But not yet, for you do not have the tools.

You must rather weaken him, by baiting his flying snakes to exit the shadow realm and become visible that you might defeat them.

With caramelized apples.

Once defeated, you use the snake flesh and set it as a trap for a larger servant of Cerdon...

Once he is weakened thus, you hope, you will be able to delve without injury to the deep and craft tools to defeat Cerdon himself.

An entry in the Unofficial Minetest Discord Modding Jam

All code and media created by archfan7411.

Code is licensed under the MIT License and media is licensed under the CC0 License.



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