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kudzu mod for minetest, with useful crafts and items

Kudzu plants attempt to spread around the world covering everything in it if left alone, but slowly.

Biomes can be enabled in settings (enable_kudzu_biome). Is disabled by default due to spreading effect.

Kudzu can be made craftable in settings (enable_kudzu_craft). Is disabled by default due to potential for griefing.

Adds kudzu sticks, kudzu ladders, and food items (tea, soup, jelly).



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  • Hard to destroy fertile

    Standard containment procedures: In case of an instance of kudzu be it of artificial or natural origin it should be immediatly destroyed before it reachs critical mass. Critical mass being the size where its not possible to destroy it all by hand faster than it self replicates. If kudzu were to reach critical mass it must be covered in water to prevent it from spreading any further than it alreday has. In no case should kudzu be set on fire since it spreads faster than fire and this will result in an end of the world scenario where fragmented pieces of the main burning mass willb spread fire in different directions infinitely if not properly contained. To contain kudzu for production of infinite resources it should be placed on a square room 2 nodes thick made of non combustible materials and protected from exterior sources of damage.

    Description: Kudzu is a organism capable of self sustainable self replication at an immense speed. The direction of spread seems to be totally random an possible in any of the 8 nodes surrounding any kudzu node (meaning it can spread diagonally betwen to nodes). Kudzu wont spread to areas where there alreday is any kind of node placed but it will spread to areas ocuppied by entities obstructing its view and movement. Products derived of kudzu do not seem to share its particular properties unless reasembled into a kudzu node again.

  • Easy to edit and fun to play with.

    I suggest downloading the mod and putting into your mod folder so you can edit it. If you mess with the code enough you can make kudzu spread through solid blocks and spread faster. I would suggest adding code to make it so kudzu is craftable instead of relying on kudzu biomes.