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Better Trees [bettertrees]

Makes trees more realistic.

Leaves are climbable, but be careful, they chance break.

Leaves can fall occasionally, and they can regrow.

Please don't punch a tree, you're not strong enough to break it. You might hurt your hand though. But when you do find a tool to cut a tree down, it does fall.

Leaves can be crafted into sticks, think of it as taking the leaves off of a branch and getting a big stick.

Leaves don't like to be stacked, and you can't reattach leaves you took off of a tree.


No dependencies. This loops through any and all nodes in group:tree and group:leaves and overrides them. Any mod or game providing such nodes will be affected. - [default] (optional) - Allows for adding a craft recipe to convert leaves to sticks (1:1), as well as providing default sounds and textures. - [3d_armor] (optional) - Experimental. Wearing armor increases chance of leaves breaking while climbing. - [mcl_core], [mcl_sounds] (optional) - Experimental support for Mineclone games.


  • [loose_rocks] - scatters rocks on ground to collect to make cobble
  • [charcoal] - "cook" trees to get charcoal; don't use with [coalfromtrees] as this creates a conflicting recipe, use one or the other. Not needed if using with [ethereal].
  • [stripped_tree] - I can only recommend this once my PRs for it are merged. Adds bark and stripped trees.


  • @luatic - "extrusion_mesh_16.obj" - provided mesh for stick nodes
  • Tenplus1 - [regrow], inspired me to make leaves and fruits regrow
  • Hamlet - [soft_leaves] and its forum thread, inspired me to make this mod
  • Hamlet - [hard_trees_redo] inspired me to recreate the hard trees concept
  • Hamlet - [fallen_trees] inspired me to make trees fall
  • VanessaE - [trunks] from [plantlife_modpack] inspired me to add sticks on the ground


This mod replaces the need to have Hamlet's [soft_leaves], [hard_trees_redo], [fallen_trees] and the mods those were based off of. This doesn't completely replace [hard_trees_redo]. Since [hard_trees_redo] adds alternative means of getting cobble, I recommend using [loose_rocks] to make up for that functionality. It is out of the scope of this mod to do some of what [hard_trees_redo] does, such as adding the possibility of dirt nodes dropping rocks and elimination of wooden tools.

The mod [sticks_stones] also scatters rocks on the ground like [loose_rocks], but they also add a recipe to get sticks from leaves. It's a 3:1 conversion, which doesn't make sense to me; a 1:1 conversion like I have in this mod seems more realistic. Because that mod and my mod have those craft recipes, using them together will add both recipes. As such, I recommend using [loose_rocks] instead of [sticks_stones]. Plus [loose_rocks]'s rocks look really cool.

There are a handful of tree-cutting mods in ContentDB ([fallen_trees], [lumberjack], [woodcutting], [choppy], [vein_miner], [treecapitator]). This mod implements the same kind of method for tree-cutting as [fallen_trees], by just adding tree nodes to the falling_nodes group. I have not tested the other tree-cutting mods with this mod, so I can't guarantee that they'll work as expected. There is a [treecapitator] mod on the Forums that makes trees fall over, but it is buggy and needs a lot of TLC. I may redo it and integrate it here.

I tried to integrate the behavior from [bouncy_leaves], but it appears you can't bounce on climbable nodes nor take any damage from falling on them. So keep in mind that [bouncy_leaves] doesn't work with this mod or similar mods that make leaves climbable.

Also note that mods that enable regrowing fruits (e.g. [regrow], [regrowing]) aren't needed as this behavior is done dynamically.

In the settings, you can toggle the rendering of leaves to be bushy meshes (true) or regular node boxes (false). This is similar to what is done in [bushy_leaves]. This mod is more performant than [bushy_leaves], since I use meshes instead of node boxes (thanks to Singularis for creating meshes, see LICENSE file for license of those meshes)

Potential Future Additions

These features may or may not be developed in the future, either in this mod or another. * Make leaves potentially break when any entity is in tree (may be more resource intensive) * Add settings to tweek chances of leaves breaking or falling, and break/fall behavior (either dig or fall) * Make trees fall over while chopping down tree * Add variety of schematics for tree templates * Implement tree growth stages * Add support for [stripped_tree] as an optional dependency to add the ability to strip trees to get bark.

Change Log

v1.0.0 - Initial release

v1.0.1 - Fixed stick decoration and typo in

v1.0.2 - Fixed log level

v1.1.0 - Implemented bushy leaves, regrowing fruits, removed obsolete comments

v1.2.0 - Uncommented wield_image line to fix wielding sticks; added support for MCL2 & 5



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