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Made by DS and cx384.

For the 2022 Minetest GAME JAM.

A hint if you actually want to play this game. Don't put your rocks into the GPU, it is a wast of rocks. Instead gather all 8 types of different rocks and put them at the same time into your CPU. I think this could work, maybe. Oh and don't forget to toggle your handbreak.



MIT (Expat) by DS and cx384


  • mods/dssssa_player/textures/dssssa_skybox_*.jpg, menu/header.png, menu/icon.png: by Westbeam (WTFPL) (or based on their art, with trivial changes)

  • drill2 stuff in mods/dssssm_crafting/textures/*: by cx384 with modification by DS (both CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • everything else in mods/dssssm_crafting/textures/*: by cx384 (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • mods/dssssa_rocks/textures/dssssa_rocks_rock*: by cx384 (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • blackbox and gravel mix in mods/dssssa_rocks/textures/: by DS (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • model and textures in mods/dssssa_ship: by DS (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • player and wieldhand textures in mods/dssssa_player/textures: by DS (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

  • mods/dssssa_player/sounds/dssssa_music.ogg: "Space 1990-B" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License (modified trivially by DS for looping)



Do you recommend this game?

  • Not much to do

    From Judge review: Crashes on start up, had to create a new world. I like flying around in a space ship, but I can't work out what I'm supposed to do. Drill doesn't work on any of the rocks.

    Gamplay: 2/10
    Innovation: 4/10
    Audiovisuals: 1/10
    Content: 1/10
    Theme: 3/10

  • It's a grind

    Overall rating

    No recommendation. This game just offers way too little in terms of gameplay to be interesting, and it's a grind.


    Frankly, it's a boring grind. There are only 3 things to do: Fly to astroids, mine and craft stuff to advance the story. Later you get to search for blackboxes, and then the game ends. Meh. I appreciate the innovation of flying in a spaceship, but movement still feels a little bit laggy sometimes. You can safely crash into asteroids without taking damage.

    The universe is made out of asteroids, but they are very repetitive. The map generation appears to be procedurally generated, but it looks the same everywhere. The astroids don't look "natural" to me either, they look more like blobs than asteroids.


    The graphics are a werid mishmash of high-res and low-res textures, it's not a good overall. The menus all use the boring default graphical style. :-( The health indicator also uses the default texture.


    It's all pretty confusing. For some reason, you must combine a stick and a broken drill to even get started (???). Later, I was flying in slow-mo for a long time until I realized I must release the handbrake. XD. The game doesn't have any HUD indicators. Also, the various ship's crafting features are kinda confusing as well, and I had to try out various combinations. The crafting system is pretty weird, so you collect every asteroid to craft "gravel mix" and this in turn gives you ... fuel?!

    Music / sound

    I really like the music, it gives the game a good "space explorer" vibe. Quite a contrast to the graphics. But there are no sounds.


    The story isn't really noteworthy. It a generic "lost in space" story that we all heard hundreds of times. Other game jam entries had more memorable stories.

    Stability / performance.

    The game is mostly stable, but I found a funny bug: You can drop items and they … fall down in space?! I had no performance issues.

  • Relaxing little adventure

    This is a pretty short mini-game, but it's semi-complete and the story was funny. The ship GUI is standard, but features a lot of elements (not all functional), one of these being a self-updating log to understand your current mission. I liked that the textures for the asteroids were all a bit different, they weren't just a different color. The music was spacey.

    As I said, some of the ship functionality is not implemented, and can actually hurt your progress if you're not careful. The story was interesting enough, even though the game ended pretty quickly. The ship tends to obstruct the view when looking downwards, while inside it.

    I like space plots, so this one was right up my alley. Recommended ;)

  • My review [JAM VERSION]

    With a few gameplay changes to reduce grind I think this could turn out to be a fun space game. I look forward to future updates, and will update my review accordingly if they ever happen.

    The adventure of LandarVargan (Spoiler Warning)


    Overall: 5/10
    Gameplay: 4/10
    Innovation: 5/10
    Content: 5/10
    Theme: 8/10
  • Good idea, but not enough content

    Feels like it is missing a lot so far. For an exploration game, it feels like there needs to be quite a lot going on: in this case, there is only 10 or so mapgen nodes, and no mobs to interact with. I could see this game going far though, especially if it could go somewhere similar to Loria (with advanced mapgen and crafting/survival mechanics), but with these tiny planets instead. :)

  • Not sure what to do, unpolished, and lot of text

    When you first open the game, you see the captain log, with all the other menus: pretty overwhelming. Then... I don't understand what to do? There are many complex menus (GPU, CPU, GPGPU or something like that), a broken drill (that I guess I should fix somehow) and.. I can go around in space, still not sure what to do. Also, the camera is pretty annoying when riding the spaceship. Can't say good things about graphics either, starting from the main menu which is low effort to say the least



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