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Autors note: This game only stays on ContentDB for legacy gamejam reasons. It is just a proof of concept experiment, so don't expect a playable and fun game.

Snake 3D

The classical Snake game extended to 3 dimensions.

Warning: This game can cause motion sickness!

Feel free to share your high score.

Maybe it also works in multiplayer, but it's not well tested.

If you want to change the world size, apple amount or speed for this, look into the init.lua, but this would make your high score invalid. :)

The movement is a bit juddery, but better then sliding into walls.

This game was made for the 2021 Minetest GAME JAM.

Game Jam information:

Team members: cx384

Third-party content: all sounds and some textures from MTG (more informtion at the license sector)



  • all code LGPL-2.1+



License info:

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0):

Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0):



Do you recommend this game?

  • Snake, but 3D

    I don’t like that it’s possible to run into yourself by doing a 180 (i.e. press W then S).

    I would recommend this game if you like other versions of snake.

  • It's snake, but in 3D. Exactly what it says on the tin.

    • The controls are a little strange. Pressing forward while looking down should move the snake down.
    • The teleportataion every frame was a little jarring. Any camera movement made while teleporting is lost, making quick turns impossible.
    • The game should prevent you from turning 180 rather than instantly giving you a game over.
    • It's not clear what the difference between the apple and the mese block is.
  • Can't maneuver properly

    This was the first game from the jam that I've seen having a custom icon and background image in the main menu, so +1. Unfortunately, inputs felt a bit clumsy (maybe because I'm used to MisterE Snake 3D, and I admit that it's not that easy to calibrate anyway) and even playing in third person doesn't help as the body of the snake basically covers the whole camera

  • Having more controls doesn't translate to a better experience

    It's a simple 3d snake minigame port, good Game Jam target; the problem is that it could be implemented much better. I'm sorry to say, but the movement, coupled with the free- roaming camera, almost made me nauseous. I may be biased, as I'm not a fan of 3d snake in general, I guess; but if it's too much for me to play, I can't ignore that...

    The simplicity is its main strength, as it has a solid foundation for impovements. It has in- file configuration options; nice to have nonetheless. The gameplay is solid, ofc, for players who want to challenge themselves (and their stomach) with this minigame. I'm looking forward to changes that will provide a smoother experience for players the most.

    Post- Jam development should focus on:

    • polishing player experience (e.g. make movement less finnicky, make smoother camera movements when teleporting, allow the 3rd person camera to exit the arena boundaries to avoid blocking players' view);

    • consider turning it into an open- world game;

    • reshow formspecs if closed (it might be an engine bug);

    • allow changing settings in Minetest settings GUI.

    Don't be discouraged, and keep improving it! :D

  • It is snake I guess

    Controls are bad, but not as bad as they could be, when using the WASD keys, you'll go in the direction you probably intended. Going up and down is where most of the problem is at, the camera and the body of the snake get in the way of an enjoyable and smooth experience.

    This is a clear case where less is more, a 2D snake clone, or one where the snake actually manouvers on 3D terrain but still moves in 2 dimensions (with the ocasional jump/climbing up hills/walls) would've been more original and more easily executed and fun.

    Sound design is next to none but that's alright, since it's just snake, artwork and modeling could be improved upon.

    Extra credit for programming everything as far as I checked. Props to the author.

    As of now the game has potential post-jam if the camera and movement issues are addressed, since it's a good snake game with a twist.

  • Motion sickness alert

    The control scheme is about as intuitive as it can be in 3D space, just takes some learning. The gameplay requires intense spatial reasoning which I think is fine. Even if some people are better than others at it, that's just how it goes, much like how not everyone has the aptitude to be a l33t FPS 360 no-scope sniper with impeccable reflexes. As far as gameplay is concerned, you can't go wrong.

    However, Snake 3D suffers from problems present in other mods like advtrains and digtron, where the camera rotation will be lost while attached to a moving entity. Add to this the way it moves in discrete increments and the attached segments of the snake is jarring and the net result is it is just not good for people like myself who are prone to motion sickness. Others have also pointed out how limiting the camera to within the rectangular prism of gameplay is unhelpful.

    Conclusion: Play it if you don't get motion sick easily, avoid otherwise.

  • Disappointing gameplay

    I like snake games, but I think 3d port don't work well here. Maybe with a third-person point of view.

  • A failed experiment

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    It's a simple and nice idea, perfect for a game jam focused on "small games". But I don't like the way it got executed. It's just a very minimal snake clone. You need to eat apples and grow, and that's it. That alone wouldn't be a problem, but the controls and camera are extremely awkward. They just don't feel right at all. Especially the camera is a HUGE problem. This really shows the limitations of Minetest. I apprecitate the effort, though. I like it when people experiment with unusual concepts, games that Minetest clearly was NOT made for. And obviously, when you experiment, you fail sometimes.

  • Simple but fun snake game

    It does what it says on the tin and does it well. Control a snake moving in 3d space.

    While the concept is simple, it is still fun and challenging, and the execution leaves no complains.



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