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A Planet Alive

For changes see changelog:

The goal of this game is to create a living game with different mobs, villagers, etc. Right now it is work in progress, I'm in the phase of looking for suitable mods.

What is implemented and what are open points:

  1. Player experience
    • Character animations, animates head, right arm & body ( character_anim - great mod, finally something usable)
    • Armor support (3d Armor)
    • Weapons (from default and farbows)
    • Player abilities like hunger, sprinting, sitting, wield items, ... (hunger_ng, hbsprint, wield3d, wielded_light, emote, ...)
    • Player skins - skinsdb. Skins are download, but needs to be evaluated and reduced.

  2. GUI
    • I would like to have nice looking GUI, but non of the available is what I'm looking for.
    • Smart Inventory is looking nice, but it is not working correctly with translated elements. The same issue with Unified Inventory and the project looks to be dead.
    • For now I stick with default sfinv
    • Grafting Guide is available

  3. HUD
    • Player status and wielded Item is shown (minetest_hudbars, minetest_show_wielded_item)

  4. MOBS
    • I added some mods with mobs. It is not tested yet expensively. I plan to extend/change those mods, but it is not easy to find good looking and working mobs.
    • advanced_npc - this should generate villagers in the villages, but it doesn't seems to work - I have to rethink it ("temporary" disabled)
    • petz - probably the best looking mobs for minetest (and nice as well)
    • water_life - some mobs for water
    • goblins - underground mobs. According to description looks promising.
    • mobs_ghost_redo - ghost for night fun
    • aerotest - eagle. I would like to see more flying mobs
    • mobs_humans - NPCs, but they are not doing anything useful
    • mobs_monster - add some monsters. I don't like the textures to much, may be I'll change then a little bit

  5. Flora
    • Some new plants from "farming" mod (instead of default farming)
    • I probably add new trees, ...

  6. Villages
    • mg_villages are used to generate villages.
      • Right now protection is off, but you can enable it in ../mods/buildings/mg_villages/config.lua (mg_villages.ENABLE_PROTECTION = true)
      • uses handle_schematics, cottages, bell
      • Sokomines is working on update, so I hope to add more village types
      • advanced_npc should generate NPCs, but it is not working. Some NPCs are here from mobs_humans, but ...

  7. Building
    • comboblock - makes it possible to stack slabs

  8. Blocks
    • Game is based on mods from Minetest Game
    • I'm going to add more block later, but not too much. Design should stay "block like".
    • I added few mods with block, maybe I'll revisit them later (add/remove/change)
    • doors mods
      • doors - more door types
      • ts_doors - doors created in the workshop. I like the idea, I would like to see all door types created this way.
      • hidden_doors - totally cool :)
    • display_modpack - mods with readable signs. It's a little bit overkill, but the only signs mod I liked.

  9. Environment
    • Changes in how the world works. New physics :D
    • I would like to have more falling block, but it is not working well with villages. Clump Fall Nodes looks nice, may be later.
    • dynamic_liquid - makes liquid (water, lava) to behave more like liquid ( in a more realistic manner as author writes)
    • Bucket lite - bucket behavior. I don't like that I can create flooding with one bucket of water.


  • Some Mode for better GUI/Inventory is needed. I just learn lua :)
  • Player animation for sneak would be nice to have
  • add "emote" to items (haven't checked it yet)
  • add fishing
  • add better NPCs
  • change monsters textures, add new monsters
  • add weather
  • add new trees
  • synchronize mods for unified look and feel



Do you recommend this game?

  • Mod soup.

    It's a bunch of mods by other people gathered in one place. It's like Makeworld (if you know you know) but without the 5$ price tag. I mean, I guess it's interesting to play but only because it steals gameplay from other mods.



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