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Cool Gui and interactive and immersive gameplay




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  • "Oh, you expected a REAL game? HAHAHAHAHA!"

    This is just low-effort trolling. You click on a lever, then it's game over. LITERALLY.

    The rest of this ... thing ... is a lengthy on-screen text basically mocking the player. Basically: How you could have been so stupid to expect a real game? The text isn't even funny or clever, just insulting. I kind of hoped the REAL game would start after the text but nope. That's literally it. There is ONE joke, and it's not even funny.

    OK, there are "achievements" for such challenging things like "look at the ceiling" (before pressing the lever) but that's all the content you will get.

    This entry is so lazy, not even most of the code was written by the submitter, a lot of code is just borrowed. This is not against the rules, but I think this is missing the point.

  • I wasn't expecting this for sure

    This game has literally nothing to do except pushing a lever. But then there's this chat simulation... and it was so amusing, the game suddenly seemed to be well worth the time. Somehow, despite no gameplay, this is actually pretty fun. And the textures are great, IMO. I debated with myself whether I should really recommend a game with absolutely no gameplay that doesn't even feel like Minetest material, but this is simply the most amusing game I've seen in the Game Jams. Recommended - it won't take you long to win (or even lose :-) ), it's worth a download.

  • Made me chuckle (jam 2023)

    Considering this was made for a jam where the theme is "unexpected", I think this little trolling game is pleasantly coherent . Contrary to other trolling games that made it for the jam (also previous jams to be fair), this is actually curated. It's fun, stupid, soothing (the keyboard sound is basically ASMR) and the author is well aware they're not making an AAA game with several features, turning that into their strength. They prove that you don't have to develop something gargantuan to actually deliver a good game and that small things matter. Personally I prefer something that makes me chuckle multiple times and that lasts 5 minutes rather than a game that lasts two hours and that doesn't communicate much

  • Far too short, but polished

    (Disclaimer: This review was made in the context of the game jam 2023. May contain spoilers.)

    • Fits theme.
    • Nice way of displaying text. Haven't seen that before in minetest. => innovative.
    • Very short.
    • Feels polished. Has like every achivement you could think of.


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