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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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Libox - WIP

A minetest sandboxing library, offering a basic environment, utilities, normal sandbox and a "coroutine" sandbox

Everything is avaliable in the async environment except the coroutine sandbox (due to minetest limitations)

See for documentation and definitions

See for documentation of the sandbox environment


Libox (optionally) requires insecure environment to weigh local variables and upvalues in the coroutine sandbox. Without this someone can overfill your memory with local variables/upvalues
the libox mod will expose debug.getlocal and debug.getupvalue to all mods


  • Fixes mesecons issue #516 by limiting based on time not instructions
  • May introduce new bugs, only time can test that
  • Some of the responsibility is also on the mods that use libox as well (such as not doing something dumb like calling functions straight from the environment), the purpose of libox should be to also handle some of the more common stuff


It's probably a good idea for this mod to get "adopted" by a organization, so that there are more eyes over this project

Optional dependancies

dbg - not actually used for debugging, just used to provide dbg.shorten_path, if unavaliable it will fallback to the copied implementation

Credits - see for the actual licenses

Code (unless mentioned somewhere differently) - LGPLv3

libox.shorten_path - The minetest dbg mod's shorten_path.lua - MIT licensed

pat.lua: source and the mesecons issue - MIT licensed

github/workflows/luacheck.yml - from mt-mods, original source here - MIT licensed

Inspiration: Luacontrollers



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