A game where the player can construct by programming


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Minetest 5.4 - 5.7

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Codecube allows to use lua code in Minetest to build anything you want

This game is mainly based on the CodeBlock mod for the programming interface. This game provides a flat world and a few other settings and limitations for a better programming experience.

License: AGPLv3
Credits: inspired by Gnancraft, ComputerCraft, Visual Bots, TurtleMiner, basic_robot


Quick start

Run your first program

  1. Install the game and create a new world
  2. Right click with drone_poser tool on a block to place the drone, choose stairs.lua then left click with drone_poser to start the drone

Write your first program

  1. Right click with drone_setter tool to open the lua editor
  2. Create a new file with the new file field and write some code on the main window
  3. Click load and exit to load your code in the drone
  4. Right click with drone_poser tool on a block and run the code with a left click on drone_poser
  5. Read the Lua API in doc/ to know which commands and blocks you can use

Explore and tweak

  • More built-in examples are available, just open the editor and choose an example to run
  • User codelevel can be adjusted to tweak drone performance and capacities, see permisisons and chat commands



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