Natural slopes for Minetest Game

Add natural slopes for Minetest Game

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration

Smoothen the edges by adding natural slopes at generation time and when the landscape changes for Minetest Game. Most of the default ground nodes can have their "stair" shape which is set automatically when they are put on edges.

Those slopes are not craftable, they just happen by themselves at generation time and when the landscape changes. You can also use your digging tools to soften the edges with their secondary use. This will wear the tool a little on success, and works better with higher-grade tools.

This mod is an usage of naturalslopeslib for Minetest Game. Please check the library page for the forum topic and details about its settings and optional dependencies.



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  • Natural slopes adds some interest

    I just did a quick peruse with the minetest default game. I was expecting it to modify sand and dirt which naturally might make slopes but was pleasantly surprised to see that stone was also affected. This mod uses the stair shapes in a unique way in various orientations to create the slopes and I think it makes the environment more interesting to look at, as contours are even more randomized.

    Thank you for your efforts!

  • Could take advantage of slopes from moreblocks!

    I don't exactly asdfhasasdjf I can't think. the title says it all... Liked it though