K WorldEdit Command Builder GUI

Alternate worldedit frontend to build and run commands that is agnostic of inventory.

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For Minetest 5.7 and above

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Have you ever played Mineclonia and wished you could use the worldedit tools but were too scared of messing up chat commands and the worldedit_gui does not work because it requires specific inventory GUIs to be installed?

This mod fills that gap by adding a makeshift/semi-convenient GUI frontend to access all registered worldedit chat commands via a tool instead of inventory only buttons.

It technically should be compatible with any game, unless incompatible with the flow package which is used to build the UI.

Feel free to open issues for bugs and suggestions.


  • Either use in creative mode or /giveme k_worldedit_gui:command_tablet to acquire the Tablet of Worldly Commands .
  • Sort of has a far wand built in on use (click).
    • Behaves a bit like additive wand.
    • Otherwise, markers still works with other worldedit wands as long as they use the same 2 marker system.
  • Available commands depend on player privileges. You will at least require server or worldedit privilege for most of them.
  • place (right-click) to show UI to build commands.
    • Select command from list.
    • Then proceed to param builder.
  • Conveniently set/clear pos1 and pos2 coordinates from the UI for finetuning.
  • All available commands are shown and parameter entry is free form. It's what power users call powerful.
    • Especially useful is the //lua command where you can now just paste lua code in a text area and run it.
    • Help text and description shown in same window because it's hard remember all that.
  • Commands parameters are remembered for that session and are kept separate per command. So you can relaunch the same command with the same parameters multiple times.
  • <node[1-4]> placeholder substitution in the command.

Limitations and Things To Do

  • worldeditadditions and other worldedit related mods that register new commands should work, however..
    • Some of the aliases may get muddled and buttons with duplicate functionality may show up.
    • Help text and parameter hints between mods may be inconsistent.
    • todo - hide some of the less useful commands.
  • todo - Node name placeholder search. Currently just a dropdown - lots of scrolling involved.
  • todo - increment/decrement buttons for marker coordinates possibly.
  • More styling, scrollable containers, etc.
  • De-spaghettify code.


Everything GPL 3.0 or Later.



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