Mystic Runes

Adds runes which can be used to craft powerful items.

Magic / Enchanting

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This modpack adds rune crafting items and blocks of those items (except for the rune fragment, rune piece, and rune breaker). This mod is mainly to add runces for crafting items and building items which cannot be exploded by tnt. The rune breaker is for breaking a new type of breakable item. The type name is runic and has 5 levels; the higher the runic level, up to level 5, the easier and faster it is to break. The rune breaker by default has no crafting recipe. Here is an unedited video going over my modpack: Release 2.1.0 adds a new craft recipe for the charged rune and updates the dependancies of the rune blocks mod Release 2.2.0 adds more types of rune dust Release 2.2.1 adds some missing recipes to rune dust and rebalances uncharged rune dust Release 2.2.2 fixed linux missing textures Release 2.2.3 updated recipes and ore distribution to get easier Release 2.2.4 updated optional dependancies to allow for use in Nonsenical Skyblock Game



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