Inventory Change Callback

Provide a global callback for handling player inventory changes.

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Inventory Change Callback

Provide a universal global callback for handling player inventory changes.

Information for GAME developers

The mod can handle all types of natural events ("move", "put", "take", "dig", "place", "pickup", "eat"), except the changes made manually in code. So please don't forget to call minetestia.handle_player_inventory_changes(player) after using inventory changing functions:

local name = player:get_player_name()
local inv = player:get_inventory()
local list = inv:get_list("main")

-- Your changes example:
list[1] = ItemStack("")
inv:set_list("main", list)

Now trigger handlers manually:

-- "custom" is optional action name
minetestia.handle_player_inventory_changes(player, "custom")

OR just update cache (if you don't want to trigger them for some reason):

minetestia.player_inventory_main_lists[name] = list

Information for MOD developers

It is actually not necessary to add a handler to every custom event in the game. Alternatively, you can just use this workaround, which will check the inventory of all players in the game every second:



See test.lua.

Debug mode

Uncomment lines at the bottom of init.lua.



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