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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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An unofficial port of PRANG! to Minetest.

There are instructions on how to play inside the game. In short, you have to collect food/potions and avoid enemies. You can get a powerup (umbrella) to be able to destroy enemies, however obstacles are deadly while you have the powerup.

Requires 5.4.0+ servers, however it should work with clients down to 5.0.0 (although it will send more HUD updates to clients older than 5.2.0).

On MT 5.6.1 and older, you may need to zoom out to be able to see the entire game on smaller displays.

Public server

If you don't want to download PRANG!, Edgy1 hosts a public server on port 30003. Note that movement processing and rendering is done server-side so there may be lag and/or glitching if you are far away from the server (which is currently in Canada) or have a poor internet connection.



formspec_ast, fs51, hud_fs, and prang are all MIT.


The textures are CC BY-SA 4.0 Atomic Shrimp(?), and the music is CC BY-SA 3.0 Ozzed.

See the file for more information.

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Do you recommend this game?

  • Very good

    Really nice performance, plays surprisingly well for a 2D game using the Minetest Engine. It's fun and compelling, with little to no difference when compared to the original, so it does its job at being a port extremelly well. Great arcade game, I recommend giving it a try.

  • Amazing

    Wasn't expecting to see a Minetest game like this. It's fun and plays well, no bugs or lag.

  • fast-paced fun

    Well designed action arcade game. The controls are super smooth.

  • An arcade you wouldn't expect on Minetest

    The author has shown a great knowledge of the (debatable) UI of Minetest, being able to create a game that it completely runs in 2D. Sure, you must be a masochist to script this on Minetest rather than, I don't know, Godot, but it surely is a showcase of what it can actually be done.

    The vibe goes to the old arcades, displaying an artistic coherence. Gameplay is fine, but again l I think that the best aspect of this is to open PRANG! in front of people who think that MT is all about 3D and then see their confused -yet intrigued - face

  • Good Porting

    I never expected the engine able to support 2d and also the porting is very well similiar to the original game.

  • Perfect 2d masterpiece

    The best 2d game without bugs and glitches and fun to play. Exciting graphics. The game is Addictive!!! So what is anyone waiting for download and play Prang

  • great game

    very fun game to play. while it may not be multiplayer in the sense that you can play with/against other players, you can compete to see who gets the highest score amoungst friends

  • Interesting

    Great retro style game with fun music and the chance to beat your friends' high score :)



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