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KSurvive 2

A game built 100% from scratch, including code, textures and sounds. This is currently in (semi) active development.

This game works quite differently from other Minetest games in terms of gameplay and crafting. As such, it is very difficult to play. I am working on a wiki on GitHub to help out players. The starting guide on the wiki can be found at this link:



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  • Nice mechanics, but game seems incomplete

    I really love the different crafting mechanics of this game. After reading the starter guide, giving me first instructions of obtaining my first materials with the adze, I quickly progressed to smelting. I love how smelting works and I have now obtained aluminium tools. But I think that's it for the moment. My understanding of Minetest modding is limited to what I can interpret into the LUA files as a programmer. It seems smelting glass or copper is not implemented, yet. Also there are other minerals that don't seem to have any purpose. I would really love to continue with this game, when more content is there (=

  • Cool, but confusing.

    The worlds it makes are amazing. I just wish I could figure out how to break blocks. Unless you aren't supposed to? I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't progress.

  • love ur mod

    I just love this mod and cannot stop myself from playing it.I think it looks better than your previous game.But please fix those errors of creation of dummy images and uncraftable items.

  • Nice Addon

    Nicely made hard to get some stuff but other than that great! It would be helpful if you made a crafting guide thanks!



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