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Digilines monitors and keyboards mod for Minetest using Display API / Font API.

Monitors display text received on their digiline channel and works like digilines lcd monitor.

Keyboards send text on their digiline channel. In protected areas, keyboard can be set to "Public" to be usable by anybody. Else, only players granted rights on the area can use the keyboard.

Craft recipes depend on installed mods, please refer to craft guide in game.

If scifi_nodes mod is enabled, scifi monitors can be turned into digiterms by crafting scifi monitor with a digiline (some texture are derivated from D00Med mod).



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Extremely helpful as an input source

    I love digiterms. I no longer have to have buttons and luacontrollers nor some artifical and abstract input method. I can just shove my textual input into a keyboard and send it off to my little black box for processing.

    I've never needed to use the screen, but in testing, they've provided the authentic experience of a desktop particle accelerator. They're beautiful and are perfect for use with editors such as ed.


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