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Dreambuilder is my attempt to give the player pretty much everything they could ever want to build with, and all the tools they should need to actually get the job done.

Building Creative Decorative

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Dreambuilder is my attempt to give the player pretty much everything they'll ever want to build with, and all the tools they should ever need to actually get the job done. Of course, needs change, but this game should be a pretty good start!

This game is in use on my Creative server and on my Survival server, which also have extra mods installed for their specific needs (admin stuff mostly). They should give you a pretty good idea nonetheless. Expect lag, as they're both significantly-developed multiplayer servers, after all.

What's in it? What's changed from the default stuff?

  • The complete Plantlife Modpack along with More Trees add a huge amount of variation to your landscape (as a result, they will add mapgen lag). Active spawning of Horsetail ferns is disabled by default, and I've added papyrus growth on dirt/grass with leaves (using a copy of the default growth ABM).
  • This game includes RealBadAngel's Unified Inventory mod, which overrides minetest_game's default inventory to give you a much more powerful user interface, with crafting guide, bags, and much more.
  • The default hotbar HUD holds 16 items instead of 8, taken from the top two rows of your inventory. You can use [icode]/hotbar ##[/icode] (8, 16, 24, or 32) to change the number of slots. Your setting is retained across restarts.
  • The default lavacooling code has been supplanted by better, safer code from my Gloop Blocks mod. That mod also provides stone/cobble --> mossy stone/cobble transformation in the presence of water.
  • An extensive selection of administration tools for single-player and server use are included, such as areas, maptools, worldedit, xban, and more.
  • A few textures here and there are different from their defaults.
  • By way of Technic, all locked chests use a padlock in their recipes instead of a steel ingot. Most other locked items work this way, too.
  • The mapgen won't spawn apples on default trees, nor will they appear on a sapling-grown default tree. Only the real apple trees supplied by the More Trees mod will bear apples (both at mapgen time and sapling-grown). While on that subject, apples now use a 3d model instead of the plantlike version.

Okay, what else?

There's way too much to list here :-) but as of February 2021, this game has a total of 208 mods (counting all of the various components that themselves come as part of some modpack, such as mesecons or homedecor) and supplies over 3100 items in the inventory/craft guide (there are tens of thousands of unique items in total, counting everything that isn't displayed in the inventory)!

Your Inventory Display

This game, as previously mentioned, replaces the standard inventory with Unified Inventory, which almost defies description here. Unified Inventory includes waypoints, a crafting guide, set/go home buttons, set day/set night buttons, a full creative inventory on the right if you're playing in that mode - and you only have to click/tap the item once to get the it, instead of multiple clicks/drag and drop, a trash slot, a clear all inventory button, a search feature for the inventory, and more. Basically, you just need to use it a few times and you'll find yourself wondering how you ever got along with the standard inventory!

The Table Saw

This game uses the More Blocks mod, which comes with Sokomine's Stairsplus, with its table saw component. This mod replaces the traditional method of creating stairs, slabs, and the like: rather that crafting a stairs block by placing several of the material into your crafting grid, you must first craft a table saw, place that on the ground, and then use that to shape the material you had in mind. It can create dozens of shapes, including the standard stairs and slabs. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Land Ownership

This game uses ShadowNinja's areas mod for land protection, and also has cheapie's areasprotector, which supplies simple protection blocks, using areas as the backend. For more info on the areas mod, visit the forum thread for it. cheapie's mod can be found on her git repository. Of course, these mods are only useful if you're running a multi-player server.

Is there more?

A complete list of mods can be found over there on the right on this page. See the forum thread for this game for more details and a list of authors and original source links.


This game requires Minetest 5.4.0 or later.

Hardware requirements:

This game defines a very large number of items and produces a well-detailed landscape, and so it requires a significant amount of resources. At least a 2 GHz dual core CPU and 4 GB free RAM are required for good performance. If you use my HDX texture pack, you'll need a LOT more RAM.

This game is NOT recommended for use on mobile devices (though some newer devices, say from mid-2018 or later, may work okay).

Depending on the conditions of the world, this game may take as much as 2 minutes to start, during which time you may see the hotbar and hand, but all-grey window content where the world should be. Just wait it out, it will eventually start.


Each of the base mods in this game retains the standard licenses their original authors assigned, even if the license file is missing from the archive. For all of my Dreambuilder-specific changes and their related assets, LGPL 3.0 for code, CC-by-SA 4.0 for media and such.

Open Source Software

This game is open source, or at least as much so as I have control over.



Do you recommend this game?

  • A visual nightmare

    After loading up Dreambuilder and playing with it for a while, I'm begining to question how useful this could possibly be for builders. The UX of the inventory is a mixed bag, while item access is improved with buttons and categorization there are some truly confounding decisions... like making the category list longer than the size it can fit in, requiring the user to click buttons to scroll it back and forth. It's also notable that the creative inventory takes up less than half of the space alloted for the UI in the first place, the default inventory and hotbar widths don't line up properly, and the hotbar slots aren't even properly marked in the inventory (have fun counting those by hand).

    But enough about that. This is intended as a tool for builders, so lets look at the real meat: the visuals. Dreambuilder takes the interesting stance of mixing numerous texture and model styles instead of offering a consistent look, ensuring that only a subset of its massive item list can actually be used in any given building. Moreover, even with the author's HDX texture pack (mentioned on this page) the problems persist! Even the natural materials that spawn in the world lack visual consistency, often changing both in artstyle and texture density.

    And then there are the loading times, which are bad enough that the author decided to warn users about them in the description. With a modern gaming PC armed with a fast SSD, loading an empty world takes "only" 30 seconds.

    In summary--this is a tool for artists with numerous conflicting visual styles, poorly-designed and inefficient UI, and godawful loading times, that also expects a high-spec machine to run. All of these factors are going to make the process of building slower and more difficult, and just for good measure the latter ones will also make the resulting builds harder for regular users to view! You're better off with pretty much anything else.

  • Mejorando la experiencia

    Me gustó mucho este juego, mejorando la experiencia original de Minetest con mod recomendados, me evita la nececidad de buscar, más los que ya tengo y que son compatibles como ilumination hace que sea muy genial

  • mixed feelings

    its honestly hard togive this game a up or down review, because it is in the middle. I believe it to be a good mtg+mods for newcomers, however after you have been arround a while it may be better to run mtg+your own selection of mods.

    some negatives of this game it uses upstream technic, which is slow in terms of devolpement, and laggy, while the mt-mods fork is showing great signs. it runs the latest unified inventory which reguires 5.4+ clients (latest as of writing), and this makes it a negative for servers wanting to support older version of minetest. registers a sheer ton of nodes, not leaving much room for players to add other mods on top of it

  • A debatable collection of tools for builders rather than a game

    First of all, this game is heavy. Like, really heavy, even loading new blocks take time. Then, as an artist, it doesn't feel like a tool to make art, starting from the very inventory. It'd take a lot of text to try to describe what an artistic tool in Minetest for builders might look like, between interfaces and palettes, but in short it wouldn't look like this. It's just a lot of nodes put together alongside features that are not necessary and that make the game heavier than it could potentially be



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