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Extra Structures for MineClone2

Adds extra structures to the MineClone2 game. Includes structures based on YouTube videos about what could be in future Minecraft updates. This will hopefully be continuously updated and expanded.

Structure List

  • Oasis (PrairieWind)
  • Birch Forest Temple Ruins (PrairieWind)
  • Brick Pyramid (PrairieWind)
  • Graveyard (PrairieWind)
  • Loggers Camp (Cora)
  • Sandstone Obelisks (Michieal)
  • Ice Tower (PrairieWind)

Disabling Specific Structures

In the minetest.conf file, create a new line (if it doesn't already exist) called mcl_disabled_structures and list the structures you wish to disable with each structure seperated by a comma. Example: mcl_disabled_structures = desert_oasis, brick_pyramid


If you wish to contribute a structure, create a schematic of the structure and upload it in an issue. If you are knowledgeable about the mineclone2 structure api, git, and coding, create a pull request with the code and schematics.



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