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Regrowing Fruits


This mod causes fruits on trees from various other mods to regrow like apples in the 5.0 release of Minetest Game. It also offers a small API to add fruit regrowth quickly. If the fruit was placed by hand or the tree was chopped down, the fruit won't grow back. There is also a small chance that regrowth will stop randomly, so trees will bear less fruit over time.

Currently supported mods/modpacks are: default, ethereal, cool_trees, moretrees, farming_plus, multibiomegen, australia and aotearoa.

The standard regrowth time can be changed in settings (min_regrow_interval and max_regrow_interval) as well as the chance of regrowth stopping (regrowth_stop_chance).

Ideas, bug reports or requests for more mod support are always welcome in the Minetest Forum topic or via the Git Issue Tracker!


The regrowing_fruits.add() function overrides the fruits after_dig_node function and registers a placeholder node that will be placed once the fruit is taken and regrows the fruit after a timer expires.


regrowing_fruits.add(fruitname, leafname, param2, multiplier)
  • fruitname: nodename of the fruit to be added.
  • leafname: nodename of the corresponding leaves (used as a reference whether tree is still alive).
  • param2: param2 value of fruit when placed naturally (not by player). Defaults to 0; -1 disables param2 checks for fruit regrowth (use this if your fruit has different rotations). If set, overrides after_place_node of fruit node to be able to differentiate fruits by param2 when placed by player.
  • multiplier: multiplier for the standard average regrowth time.


regrowing_fruits.add("default:apple", "default:leaves")
regrowing_fruits.add("ethereal:golden_apple", "ethereal:yellowleaves", nil, 3)
regrowing_fruits.add("cacaotree:pod", "cacaotree:trunk", -1)

For more examples see init.lua.

Alternative Mods

Consider using regrow by TenPlus1. It has similar features, but registers only one placeholder node in total instead of one node for every fruit.


This mod is based on "endless_apples" by Shara RedCat (2018).



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